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#Who is John Kemmler? 9-1-1 premiere airs title card tribute

#Who is John Kemmler? 9-1-1 premiere airs title card tribute

#Who is John Kemmler? 9-1-1 premiere airs title card tributeWho is John Kemmler? The 9-1-1 season 4 premiere paid tribute to the man in a title card on Monday night; do you want to know more?

Kemmler was someone who made an impact on the Fox series behind the scenes — even if you do not know the name, that does not make his impact anything less. He worked as a transportation driver on the series, and helped to make sure that the production went like clockwork. For every person on-camera that you have a chance to see, there are often dozens of people who make the magic happen.

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In a post on Twitter this past August, series regular Oliver Stark had the following to say paying tribute to John:

John was one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. Someone who went above and beyond to be cheerful and make a difference. He was a Transpo driver on 911 and was a highlight of everyday. RIP John Kemmler.

Stark ended his tweet with a reminder for everyone to wear a mask, which is essential for all of our physical well-being amidst this devastating global pandemic. It is clear to us why someone like Kemmler could be so beloved — transportation drivers have a chance to set the emotional mood and the pace for the day. They can allow actors the chance to develop more bonds, especially during the downtime that comes along with the job.

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There are few tributes more powerful to a cast or crew member than a title card. It is a way to ensure that they are remembered long after an episode first aired. Years down the road, the commemoration of John will still be attached to the show. That matters more than we can ever put into words to his friends, family, and of course those who worked with him on a daily basis on the show. Thanks to 9-1-1 for choosing to include this at the end of the premiere.

Our thoughts go out to Kemmler’s friends, family, and loved ones during this difficult time. (Photo: Fox.)

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