#Watch this AI-powered Chessboard with Autonomously Moving Pieces in Action

Someone needs to 3D print some Harry Potter-style chess pieces for this AI-powered chessboard RIGHT NOW!

This AI-powered chessboard features a backlit checkered surface that gives you color-coded move recommendations, autonomous moving pieces, and the ability to play either in person, against an AI, or with people online who can remotely move chess pieces. The best part? The magnets within the chessboard can actually make the king fall over in the event of a checkmate, adding that perfect bit of drama to conclude the game.

Designer: Daniel Leibovich

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $279 ($80 off). Hurry, only 19 left! Raised over $870,000.

Chess pieces move on their own.

AI and Chess have had a long relationship dating back as early as 1996, when an AI program named Deep Blue defeated then-grandmaster Gary Kasparov in a game of chess… now, GoChess is making that relationship even more intertwined. Sort of doing to chess what self-driving AI did to cars, GoChess integrates AI and robotics into the chess board, letting you either play a normal game of chess against a human, or a robot-powered game against the GoChess AI or a remote human player. With the latter, the chess board can move your opponent’s pieces on its own, blurring the lines between technology and magic.

Your game is automatically set up.

Outwardly, the chessboard sticks to tradition with its overall design. The board comes in classic black plastic or wood variants, sporting the 8×8 checkered surface on top along with 32 minimally designed chess pieces. However, under its hood, the GoChess board is thrillingly state-of-the-art. Robots with magnets hover around underneath the surface, magnetically dragging pieces across the board as you play either with an AI or with an online opponent. Meanwhile, the entire chessboard comes with backlit squares that glow when you lift a piece, highlighting all possible move combinations. The squares also glow in different colors, highlighting how effective or ineffective the move is. At each turn, the active player’s chess pieces glow green, letting them know it’s their turn to play… and easily my most favorite bit, the chess pieces will even auto-arrange themselves at the start of a game, so you don’t have to!

Smart lights guide and coach you.

Unlike your analog chess board, GoChess isn’t for just playing, it’s for training too. The board can coach you in real time, with insights and up to 32 levels of difficulty to help you level up your gameplay. Backlit squares help you understand where different pieces can move across the board, and the AI guides you through popular gameplaying strategies, helping you understand the intricacies of Chess. When you’re seasoned enough to take on an opponent, you can either play a regular old-style game versus a human, or challenge the GoChess board itself and play against its AI.

GoChess also gives you the option of playing against thousands of online players who play on the app, which connects to and, and directly interfaces with the board, moving the pieces the way a human would.

Designed by the folks at GoCube, who also get credit for creating the world’s first AI-powered Rubik’s Cube, the GoChess board comes in 3 models. The GoChess Lite simply features the board’s upper veneer (with none of the self-moving robot-powered magic) that you can use for analog gameplay. The AI-powered robotic boards come in two variants – the 1X, which has just 1 robot on the inside, capable of moving one pieces at a time, and the 4X, which has 4 robot modules that can move multiple pieces at the same time. The board interfaces with the GoChess app on your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy, and has a built-in battery that can charge via USB-C. All GoChess boards offer two stylistic choices – modern black and white board with minimally designed plastic chess pieces, or a classic wood-veneer board with traditional-looking wooden pieces to match. You can grab your AI-powered GoChess board for as low as $259 (that’s 32% off the original price) and chuck in $59 for a branded Deluxe GoChess Bag that makes carrying your AI-powered game to the park or a friend’s house much easier!

Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $279 ($80 off). Hurry, only 19 left! Raised over $870,000.


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