#VALORANT Lunar New Year bundle – Is it worth buying?

“VALORANT Lunar New Year bundle – Is it worth buying?”

Another day, another bundle is live in Riot Games’ hit 5v5 competitive shooting game. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, a limited-time bundle is now available in Valorant but the ultimate question stands: is it worth buying? Keep reading to learn more about the Luna Bundle which you can now purchase through the in-game Store. Stay with us!

Should you buy the Lunar New Year bundle in Valorant?

Unlike in other shooter games, skins for your guns in Valorant do not provide any sort of advantage. They do not make your aim better nor do they improve your gameplay in either Unrated or Competitive modes in the game. However, some people feel that with the right skin equipped on your gun, you’re sure to have what players call “skin buff”.


This is also where Riot generates most of their income. Since Valorant is a free-to-play game, anyone with a device capable of running the game can play it. Skins are made unique by their design and the effects that they give off. Players also have the ability to purchase bundles at a discounted price. In bundles, you get skins for up to four guns, one melee weapon, and other cosmetics like gun buddies and player cards.

Now that Valorant has released a bundle to celebrate the Lunar New Year, players are weighing their options. Should they buy the bundle or save their VP for the next Night Market drop? 

VALORANT Lunar New Year bundle - Is it worth buying - Guns

Before we get into it, these are the guns included in the bundle:

  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Spectre
  • Vandal

As for the extra items you get by buying the Lunar New Year bundle in Valorant, you will get a melee weapon, Gun Buddy, Spray, and Player Card.

Is it worth buying?

At first glance, the bundle looks interesting. The skins for both the guns and the melee weapon are covered in blue marble with gold wavy patterns. However, the only catch to this bundle is that the skins do not have any sort of effects. Aside from the visual effects of the melee weapon, there aren’t any Finishers or other effects for the guns.

  • Based on that alone, it’s already looking like the Lunar New Year bundle in Valorant is not worth buying. You’re better off saving your Valorant Points for guns that have special effects.
  • Before the Lunar New Year bundle dropped, the Araxys bundle was available for a limited time. This is a top-tier skin bundle where every gun had Finishers and other variants you can purchase.

VALORANT Lunar New Year bundle - Is it worth buying - Buddy

  • The only purchase that’s worth it in this bundle is the Gun Buddy, in our honest opinion. The melee skin comes in second for its design. Other than that, we don’t see the gun skins as a purchase that is worth it.
  • If you really want to make the most out of your purchases, consider waiting for other guns that may appear in your daily Store rotation. Moreover, you can wait for the next scheduled Night Market in Valorant.
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What do you think about the Lunar New Year bundle that’s available now in Valorant? Is it worth buying? Or will you be saving your Valorant Points for other skins? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss with other players in the comments! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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