#Valheim Hearth & Home Expansions, All Details

#Valheim Hearth & Home Expansions, All Details

Iron Gate has released a roadmap with details on the next major update, though there has been no word on when it will be released. Hearth and Home is the first major update to the game for this year, according to the Valheim update roadmap.

The details on Valheim’s Hearth and Home update and plans for Valheim patches are still scarce, but here’s everything we know so far.


Iron Gate Games and Coffee Stain are currently planning to release the update in 2021. While these updates are expected later this year, Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Törnqvist told PC Gamer that the team’s current focus is on fixing bugs that have been discovered now that millions of people have played Valheim. As a result, no specific date or time frame has been revealed.

During an interview with Wired, Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson expanded on this point. He stated that they will not create new content until they are satisfied with the game’s current state for the time being. The business wants to eliminate as many bugs and problems as possible.

Hearth and Home may be a long way off, but hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on it.

What can we expect?

Because the developers are concentrating on smaller patches, there hasn’t been a thorough examination of all of the new features that Hearth and Home will bring to Valheim yet. Nonetheless, in the aforementioned PC Gamer interview, Törnqvist teased some of the game’s new features. The emphasis will be on Valheim’s house-building and cooking aspects.

what to expect

Törnqvist promised to include more building materials, tasks to complete in and around the player’s home, and a plethora of new recipes and food preparation enhancements. This update is for you if you enjoy building, farming, and cooking in Valheim.

As we get closer to the patch’s release, we’ll probably get a better idea of what to expect.

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