#Vacuum-sealed flat pack lamp unfolds into a Japanese inspired lamp

Lamps are some of the things that you either look for functionality or design. Well, you can always go for both as well but sometimes other considerations like budget, space, and aesthetics will make you choose either or. Portability is not something that you really think about when it comes to this kind of accessories but it is something that’s nice to have. And as we’ve been seeing a lot of flat pack products lately, we knew we would get something like this for lamps.

Designer: Kazuhiro Yamanaka

Tsubomi, named after the Japanese word for bud, is a vacuum-sealed flat pack that opens up and becomes a lamp. It is inspired by a couple of Japanese traditional cultural things: paper-folding and the Shoji screens that we see in doors, windows, and room dividers. It’s basically like a crumpled piece of paper put into a vacuum-packed flat rectangle package that “magically” becomes a source of light once it is unfolded.

What’s interesting about this is that even when unfolded, the paper still shows the wrinkles and creases and that is intentional. The designer actually wants this product to challenge the idea that only those items that are “perfect” in form are considered beautiful. With this lamp, the plain white or grid pattern are able to highlight the wrinkled, imperfect appearance of the lamp. If you choose the grid, you even get a tinted lighting that will illuminate the surface that is lighted by the lamp.

The material used for the lamp is actually a special plastic compound that is used in the aforementioned Shoji screens that we see in traditional Japanese establishments. So with the Tsubomi lamp, you get the best combination of traditional materials and practices but with a contemporary functionality because of its flat-packed form. And you get a portable, pretty lamp of course.


Ida Torres

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