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#Trainman- More Than Just IRCTC Train Booking App

The Trainman web portal assists travelers in train ticket booking as well as other associated services. It does, however, provide an app that may assist anyone with chores such as reserving a ticket and much more. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) official partner, Trainman, manages inter-city and inter-state travel bookings throughout India. In addition to the Trainman website app, users in India can book train ticket through the Trainman app available for iOS and Android. 

Trainman- More Than Just IRCTC Train Booking App

Trainman intends to operate in accordance with the needs of its train passengers. It is constantly updating features that make passengers’ train rides easier. Yes, there are numerous more train-related applications and websites, but do they make your journey easier? Here’s a quick rundown of the information we provide to our passengers that sets us apart from the competition:

  • Information about PNR status with Confirmation Probability.
  • Live Train Status, but with a real-time GPS Location system that enhances the experience.
  • Train timetable has Offline timetable capability, so that it may be checked without Internet connectivity.
  • You can prevent delayed trains by researching the operating times of trains between two stops.
  • If you use local trains and metros on a daily basis, Trainman has all the information you need.
  • Fantasy and entertainment: Learn the real-time speed of your train as well as numerous knowledge about Indian Railways and stops.
  • Trip Sharing in Real Time. is a prominent platform for Indian Railways train travellers. Its mission is to provide its passengers with thorough and comprehensive information that assists individuals make informed decisions, therefore simplifying their train travels. We aspire to create the most responsive, mobile-friendly website, answering all of your rail travel questions in only a few taps. 

A comprehensive center of railway travel information dedicated to providing its users with intelligent information, all under one roof, to help them plan and make smarter train travel decisions.

Why Should You Use The Trainman app For Train Ticket Booking?

Get the most recent information on Indian Railways and IRCTC rail inquiries. Over 1 million users have put their trust in us.

  • Get live train running Status for where is my train location
  • PNR status, PNR number
  • Seat Availability with Prediction of Confirmation
  • View the Most Recent Special Train Timetable

End-user delight is what we aspire for when we talk about “Customer Delight.” We don’t only display the numbers; we also provide context for them. We provide analytically based information that distinguishes us from other sources of information. This is why our user base continues to grow with each passing day.

With over 10  million people travelling by train every day, Indian Railways accounts for a significant portion of the commuting population. Trainman makes it easy to arrange a train trip from scratch. We aspire to create the most responsive, mobile-friendly website, answering all of your rail travel questions in only a few taps. A comprehensive centre of railway travel information dedicated to providing its users with intelligent information, all under one roof, to help them plan and make smarter train travel decisions.

How To Book Train Tickets: Step-By-By Guide 


First, get the official mobile app. Register to the Trainman app available  on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices, then login with your credentials.


Open the app and select the ‘Train’ option.


After signing in, you will see the option of “Book My Train”, below it will be “Select Favorite Journey List”, in which you have to fill in some details.

  • Start station
  • End Station
  • Travel date


After you have completed all of the fields, click “Submit.” As soon as you submit, you will receive a list of all trains travelling along that route.

  • Which train do you need to take?
  • Which coaches are interested in making a reservation? (Air Conditioning or Sleeper)
  • Reservation in whatever quota – general, ladies, or VIP quota.


To reserve a seat on the train for that day, click “Book Now.” When you click on Book Now, a new page called Passenger Detail Page will appear in front of you. You will need to fill out some traveller information in this.

  • Name of the passenger Age of the traveller
  • Gender (male or female)
  • The traveler’s preferred berth


When travelling with children under the age of 5, enter the child’s information.


You must now provide the phone number to which your ticket will be delivered. Enter the Captcha code after you’ve entered all of your information and phone number. Then press the Next button.


You will see all of the information regarding your Ticket as well as payment choices such as credit and debit cards, wallets, and so on. To make a payment, choose the option that is most convenient for you.


That’t it!! You are all ready to go. 

Trainman Trend Analysis

A curious user may be dissatisfied with the percentage possibility of his pending ticket being confirmed. He might want to explore a little more and learn more about ticket confirmation options as he travels. Trainman Trend Analysis comes into play at this point. Apart from providing ticket confirmation options, Trainman also allows you to examine the status of past PNRs that are equivalent to yours. Trainman only displays pertinent information from previous PNRs in order to make it less confusing and more valuable.

To Conclude 

The railway system is the most accessible and cost-effective means of land transit. You may save money on your train trip by developing some wise behaviors as a passenger. This post contains several suggestions and strategies that will help you save money on train tickets.

Now book train tickets online from the comfort of your home. A one-stop shop for services such as checking the PNR status, live train status, train schedule, and seat availability are available as well You only have to enter your IRCTC login credentials to book train tickets with ease.

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