#Top 8 Reasons why Swift is best for iOS app development

Swift happens to be one of the open source programming languages that can take care of any business perfectly. Here are the reasons why Swift is best for any iOS application development.

Top 8 Reasons why Swift is best for iOS app development

In the past few years, iOS app development evolved in various ways. Moreover, the Swift language has changed the course of development services fundamentally. It is one of the programming languages used by Apple operating systems like iOS or Mac OS. Even nowadays, watch OS uses Swift programming language. Swift happens to help diverse business visionaries that got seen to be unrealistic a few years ago. Though it is troublesome, different IOS applications are taking the help of Swift language. You can also Hire iPhone App Developers for better performance.

Before the advent of Swift programming language, the IOS applications took the help of Objective C. The interaction of this programming language was quite extreme. But with swift, there are different top category iOS application development companies that would help one with their unique requirements.

What is Swift

Apple developed a programming language back in the year 2014. It got its name as Swift programming language work across the whole ecosystem of Apple, including the iPad operating system, Mac operating system, watch operating system, tv operating system, iOS, and even the Linux application. Swift is one of the best options for iOS application development. It is a general-purpose, open-source programming language that competes with Objective C in various realms. Some of the areas in which Swift language shows its efficiency include security, type safety, and hardware performance. It is also superior in speed in comparison to the old programming languages. In other words, Swift programming language is simple and easy to use.

What makes Swift popular

Swift is one of the most popular languages for Apple iOS. The reasons are:

  • It is open-source and free

The designer of the Swift programming language recognized the fact that, in order to, create any defining programming language, one must keep the technology open to everyone. They have acquired this idea and let everyone get the source code from GitHub and build it. One can even submit different extraction requests to complete the project.

  • Security and safety

The syntax of the programming language helps to write consistent and clean codes. Sometimes it might create a little problem while creating the codes. Hence while developing software, the developers must free the bugs. Swift happens to be no exception in this case. When you hire any Swift developers, they increase the readability while preventing mistakes.

  • Always in demand

In the year 2012, Swift achieved the ranking of 20th among the other popular programming languages. It was 8th in the list of most liked languages. In both the cases, it surpasses Objective C

  • Expressive

The syntax of the Swift language is one of the most enjoyable when one starts using it. It comes with diverse modern capabilities that any developer would demand for. As it takes advantage of all the strength of the different establishments of computer science over the decades, it happens to be superior to any other programming language.

When Swift came into the market within a few years, the community went on to the transition from objective C programming language to the modern Swift. The reasons are very practical. It is a language that is simple to use and simpler to learn.

Benefits of Swift

Swift happens to offer several benefits to its developers. Some of these include:

  • The simplified and rapid development process

The swift programming language allows one to code easily. One does not have to utilize any sophisticated syntax. Instead, you can borrow contemporary languages including, Ruby and python. The overall development speed is quite impressive. If one compares each to Objective C, then the results would be more concise. The system of automatically reference counting helps to manage the memory usage of the application and automates the tracking process. It helps to save the effort and time for the developer. According to the official Apple website, the Switch happens to be 2.6 times faster than Objective C. It helps to comply with the cost-cutting initiative of the company.

  • Effective management and memory size

Swift offers dynamic libraries. Dynamic libraries can get loaded into the memory. It helps to drastically reduce the initial size of the application while improving the performance. However, it decreases the overall size. Due to this reason, the Swift libraries can get incorporated into every Mac operating system, TV operating system, watch operating system, and IOS.

In addition to that, the Swift employs a technique that is based on the predecessor of objective C. This technique is known as automated reference counting. It helps manage the memory allocation and central processing unit while developing the iOS application. Besides, the swift developed applications take up lesser time to get installed. It also consumes less on device memory which helps to provide a better application experience.

  • Interoperability with Objective C

One can use either Swift or Objective C to write down the development projects. The programming language happens to be fully compatible. Due to this reason, it is beneficial for various large projects that require frequent upgrades. In one single project, one can also use objective C parts in the core project of the Swift. Or you can even add various new features into the swift language to any existing projects of objective C. Hence Swift and Objective C are entirely interchangeable.

  • Easy maintenance

Swift is much easier to maintain than objective C. Due to this reason, the developers prefer to have Swift for any iOS app development. It helps to merge the header of Objective C and the implementation file into one single program file. It also provides the developers more time to leave the application’s logic. If the application requires improvement over the code quality, then Swift language helps operate it smoothly.

In addition to that, Swift does not have any dependency. Due to this, it is easier to maintain.

  • Easy growth

When a developer writes projects with the help of Swift, it helps to grow conveniently. It can be taken into account when one tends to plan for any long-term investment. Hat the same time, this programming language enables one to expand the workforce whenever necessary. The reason behind this is the simplicity of the codebase and the conciseness. The onboarding becomes a quick fact. The syntax of the Swift language is similar to that of any normal English language. Therefore it becomes easy for anyone and everyone to understand. Businesses can take up this programming language as it requires little training.

  • Potentiality and cross-platform support

One of the benefits of swift application development is the fact that the service side is compatible with any other common back-end technologies. Employing both the front ends and back ends, one can speed up the development aspect of the program. It happens due to code reuse. Furthermore, this affects the overall resource availability and the developers’ time.

  • Better safety and stability

If you want to receive the benefits of Swift, you need to hire iPhone app developers. Swift is undoubtedly the excellent choice for any iPhone application development firm. If one wishes to construct a reliable and secure iOS application for the customer, then they must take the help of Swift. This particular programming language includes error handling capabilities and rust coding. For all these reasons, Swift can help avoid coding errors and spot the fault in the coding. The short-term feedback loop is present in this programming language to spot the flaws. At the same time, one can also solve these issues quickly. Due to this, you can save up more effect and time and have a greater chance of preparing high-quality codes.

Hence, whenever you are choosing safety for your programming language your only destination would be Swift.

  • Open-source community

Swift became popular because of the support of IBM and Apple. After Typescript, Rust, and Go, Swift happens to be one of the topmost languages on the platform GitHub. The driving and active user community help to provide ongoing feedback from the clients and customers. It helps to make various modifications as and when needed in order to improve the platform.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that swift is one of the most popular programming languages that help to create intuitive, interesting, and user-friendly iOS mobile applications. Apple has the reputation of constantly working on their languages does justice to Swift along with other iOS languages. For this reason, you can rely on high performance and efficiency.

If you want to hire iPhone App Developers India, make sure you choose a team of Swift experts. They are mostly skilled in developing their applications within the latest iOS languages. Due to this reason, you can receive some game-changing solutions. The technical experience, along with, the substantial domain of the swift developers allows them to quickly create, design, manage or even launch the iOS application development. They are competent enough to build the goodwill of the business and improve their performance while creating more income and value.

Hence keeping all the benefits in mind, one can conclude that the swift programming language is the future of developing secured and high-performing applications. It is one of the reasons why the competitors of Apple are looking forward to programming languages. Make sure that you make clear choices for your business with Swift.

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