#Top 5 Ways to Balance Your Body with Your Clothes

Top 5 Ways to Balance Your Body with Your Clothes

Fashion is an important part of self-expression. What you wear can tell the world a lot about who you are and what you stand for. It can be a way to show your individuality and unique style. 

Additionally, fashion can be a great way to boost your confidence. If you feel good in your clothes, it will show in your attitude and the way you carry yourself. Wearing something that makes you feel fabulous can give you the extra boost you need to feel great about yourself.

But sometimes what we want to wear might not suit us the way we want it. Some fashion combos look perfect in our heads, but when we try them, it’s just not what we’ve imagined. So what to do to avoid this kind of disappointment? 

Well, here are 5 ways to balance your body with your clothes and leave the days of misfitting clothing combos in the past.

Let’s dive in!

Body Types

If you think that body type is something that only women are concerned about, you’re in for a surprise. Although female body types tend to get much more talked about, there is such a thing as a perfect male body type.

But let’s start with the ladies first. When it comes to women, there are 5 basic body types:

  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Athletic
  • Pear, and
  • Hourglass.

It goes without saying that certain type of clothes goes better with a certain type of body. For example, if you have a rectangular shape, the perfect clothes for you would be the one that defines your waist.

And how about men? When it comes to men, there is one ideal shape that men strive for. It goes by the name of the coveted X-Shaped physique, and it sounds more complicated than it is. In a nutshell, it means broad shoulders, a small waist, and developed quads and calves. 

Truth be told, we can’t fully change our body type, but what we can do is emphasize certain parts of our bodies and disguise the ‘flaws’. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to engage in sports activities.

Activities to Balance Your Body with Clothes

Physical activity can help you balance your body with clothing. Let’s see which ones will provide the best results.

1. Weightlifting

Weightlifting can help build up the muscles in your body, so you can ‘fill’ your clothes properly. For example, if you want to achieve a broader shoulder look, you’ll need to include a combination of overhead presses and lateral raises in your workout routine. This combo will definitely increase the volume of your shoulders. 

And how will this affect the clothes you wear? For starters, all T-shirts and shirts will sit nicely around your body.

2. Running and Gym

Another area of your body that is worth focusing on is the legs. This is especially true for men who tend to overdo the upper part of their bodies. So what can you do to improve your leg shape? An activity universal for men and women is running. It helps you tone your muscles and improve their definition. If we link it with clothes, for women, it means toned legs that would look great in skirts, and for men, strong and well-built legs that will take wearing trousers or shorts to a new level.

3. Balanced Diet and Cardio Activities

If we talk about getting a slim waist, besides the exercises like planks and side planks, you will also need to pay attention to your diet. It needs to be balanced and nutritional.

An activity that is good not only for your slim waist but overall physique is swimming. In general, cardio activities are good for weight loss. Furthermore, they are excellent if you need to lose a bit of weight without increasing your muscle mass.

4. Custom Sportswear

Another important thing to mention is choosing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Avoid anything too tight or constricting, which can cause discomfort or restrict your movement. 

Luckily for you, finding the perfect clothes for training doesn’t have to be tedious or hard. Nowadays, you can get your custom sportswear made. This is such a great option because not only do you get to choose from various types of T-shirts and hoodies, but you can also choose the color and type of fabric. For example, natural fibers like cotton or linen are usually more breathable and comfortable than synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon. In addition, you can also have some motivational messages or quotes printed. 

5. Posture

You can have a jaw-dropping body, but it’s your posture that will make it or break it. If you have a crooked or bad posture, it will affect the way clothes fit you. The main reason is that bad posture immediately spells a lack of self-confidence. And to dazzle in your clothes, you need to walk like you own the place, gracefully and with self-confidence. Activities that can help with this are yoga or Pilates.

What’s more, improving your posture will also prevent back pain.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is often seen as a superficial pursuit, but it can be deeply connected to our bodies. How we dress can affect how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Our clothing choices can be influenced by our body type, whether we are trying to accentuate our best features or hide our flaws. That is why working out and nurturing our bodies both physically and mentally can go a long way and transform our lives.

by Damian Alderson

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