#Tom Seaver will live forever in New Yorkers’ memories

#Tom Seaver will live forever in New Yorkers’ memories

September 3, 2020 | 7:42pm

Tom Terrific. The Franchise. The greatest Met ever. Legend. All those titles aptly fit Tom Seaver, who died Monday at 75.

After meeting Seaver at the All-Star Game in 1967, no less than Hank Aaron told him, “Kid, I know who you are, and before your career is over, I guarantee you everyone in this stadium will, too.”

That prophecy was already coming true. Seaver earned Rookie of the Year in ’67 and made the All-Star team his first seven years. He won 20 games in a season five times and three Cy Young Awards, with lifetime stats of 311-205, a 2.86 ERA, 3,640 strikeouts and 61 shutouts in a career that ran to 1986. He racked up 200-plus strikeouts for a record nine straight seasons.

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And he symbolized the Amazin’ Mets, who enthralled the city with their miracle World Series run in 1969.

Then again, Tom Terrific long defined the franchise — indeed, defined the best of baseball itself. Cheerful, unassuming, grateful for his talent and for the fans, he lived up to everything we want our stars to be.

His 41 was rightly the first player number the Mets retired (in 1988), as well as the address of their new home at 41 Seaver Way — redemption for the moronic trade that sent him to the Reds in 1977 and leaving him unprotected in the free agent draft after he returned in 1983. We look forward to the Seaver statue planned for Citi Field.

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Medical issues forced his withdrawal from the fans who adored him and now have finally stolen him from his family and friends, but Tom Seaver will live forever in our memories. Rest in peace.

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