#Thursday Night Football on Prime Video: Rams v. Raiders

“Thursday Night Football on Prime Video: Rams v. Raiders”

Where ancient civilizations measured days, months, and seasons by the rising and setting sun, we here at The Post prefer to set our watches to Prime Video’s NFL offerings. Another Thursday, another game of Thursday Night Football.

Tonight’s matchup will see the 5-7 Las Vegas Raiders traveling to their former home, Los Angeles, to face off against the 3-9 Rams, the reigning Super Bowl champs.

And while the odds of the Rams going for two trophies in a row dwindle by the week, there are still plenty of great reasons to tune into tonight’s game.

For starters, you might catch another entry in the Raider’s three-game (so far) winning streak, which has significantly boosted their playoff chances (though there’s still a ways to go).

The bigger story, however, is Baker Mayfield, who the Rams claimed this week off waivers following Super Bowl-winning QB Matt Stafford’s spinal contusion.

Can the Raiders keep up their winning streak, or will Baker Mayfield and the Rams cause a surprise upset? There’s only one subscription you need to find out.

Below, we’ve outlined how to watch, when to tune in, and what the matchup means for the two teams’ playoff chances.

Promotional image for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video
Prime Video

Say it with me now: Thursday Night Football is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, free with a subscription or a 30-day free trial.

In addition to every Thursday Night Football game, including pre- and post-show coverage, a Prime Video subscription grants you access to some of the season’s biggest movies, like Harry Styles’ “My Policeman,” and a massive slate of Original Series, including “The Boys,” “The Peripheral,” and more.

In short: it’s a must-have, especially as we’re nearing the end of the season. These games are only going to get more high stakes.

When does the game start?

As per usual, tonight’s game kicks off at 8:15 EST, with pre-game coverage starting on Prime Video at 7:00 EST if you’re interested in some extra analysis (though, aren’t you getting enough here already)?

Kick back and relax; we’ve got Thursday night figured out for you.

What can I expect from tonight’s game?

As mentioned above, there’s much up in the air about this game, not just a perfectly-thrown spiral. Ranked from most to least pressing, we’ve got: Is Matthew Stafford out for the season? Will Baker Mayfield play his first game for the Rams? Can the Raiders win four straight games and improve their playoff chances? And, finally, will this matchup see the Rams lose seven games in a row?

Betting odds have the Raiders favored, but anything could happen on the Rams’ home turf. We’ll have to watch to find out, and there’s only one place to do that.

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