#This stylish ‘nomadic’ lamp is portable + eco-friendly & is suited for the indoors and outdoors

“This stylish ‘nomadic’ lamp is portable + eco-friendly & is suited for the indoors and outdoors”

A good lamp not only illuminates your space well but also adds a depth of personality and character to it. And make this lamp portable, and suddenly its functionality shoots up by 10x! And a pretty cool and unique lamp design I recently came across is the Quasar portable lamp. Designed by Samy Rhio and Petite Friture, the Quasar portable lamp, is designed to be a ‘nomadic lamp’.

Designer: Samy Rhio x Petite Friture

French designer Samy Rhio designed this nomadic lamp to enable users to carry it around, allowing it to illuminate any space they go to. They can hang the nifty lamp using a multicolored strap that will remind you of a climbing rope! The Quasar lamp has been crafted from durable anodized aluminum and features a battery that can last up to 12 hours between charges. Pretty useful, right?

The lamp has been equipped with a five-meter-long woven rope that is attached to the top of the lamp, making it a portable design that can be transferred from one location to another. The lamp has also been equipped with a dimmer, that allows you to switch the light between three different brightness, and color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool white. It has been outfitted with LEDs, making it super easy to install, low-energy, and environment friendly. This creates a lamp with”several light intensities”, which is available in five different colors, including emerald and olive green.

“A Quasar is a star-like body that is considered to be the brightest of all,” Petite Friture said. “Its circular appearance and its light properties inspired Samy Rio and Petite Friture as they worked on their first wireless lamp.” The product was named after Quasars. Quasars are really bright and distant astronomical objects that are visible only to radio telescopes. It is made up of 20% recycled aluminum and boasts IP54-grade waterproofing, which makes it resistant to splashing water and dust. The Quasar lamp is a functional, well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing option for anyone whose looking for a lighting design that is a cut above the rest. Not only is it outdoor-friendly and portable, but it’s also not too harmful to the environment either.


Srishti Mitra

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