#This reinvented smart bicycle doesn’t need any chain or mechanical power transmission

“This reinvented smart bicycle doesn’t need any chain or mechanical power transmission”

Rising fuel costs are a major concern for everyone and everywhere in the world. The issue and its effect are reported across newspapers, TVs, and social media each day it is impossible to miss. As much as we want the situation to improve, this dilemma will not end anytime soon. So expect to witness more consumers and businesses grapple with the situation. Many people are now feeling the impact at every trip to the gas station. Some commuters have started complaining about the higher transportation costs. The higher the gasoline prices are, the less spending money consumers will have. There are several issues to address but what most of us can do is find alternative modes of transportation to save money. One of the easiest solutions for everyone is simple: a bicycle.

Designer: Mocci

Bicycles have become more in demand in the past few years as a proper alternative to cars. E-vehicles are helpful because they don’t require gasoline. Motorbikes still need fuel but they are more economical to run. Among these solutions, bicycles remain the most reasonable and affordable for many people. Cycling is good for health and well-being too, but there are some downsides to it. Bikes are low-maintenance compared to cars and motorcycles but they need proper maintenance. There are parts that need changing due to wear-and-tear which can be costly. There will also be unexpected expenses because you can’t prevent lost or stolen parts. The Mocci Magic Ride’s enters the scene with a goal to offer mobility while reducing the need for maintenance.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

The Mocci Magic Ride features 30% fewer parts which make it low-maintenance and easy to care for. This also means less downtime for repair and a longer service life which is advantageous to the business customers. The bike frame is made from recyclable but robust and durable polyamide materials instead of aluminum or steel. The upkeep is easier because there is only one structural component on the heavy-duty wheels.

There is no more mechanical power transmission because it doesn’t have any chains. The absence of a chain or belt is possible because the pedals drive a generator for the rear wheel hub to move. Digital gears drive the bike but only start when the rider pedals. Pedal up and you get electrical energy that will get the bike generator to work.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Details

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

From the first push of the pedal, you will see the difference in the ease and efficiency of a ride. It is convenient to use because you don’t have to charge up or use fuel, you only need to exert mechanical energy. The reinvented bicycle also brings a new category: Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV). The SPVs still need pedaling but there is a replaceable battery for added support. It holds extra power but is only good enough for up to 80 km.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec H

Mocci Magic Ride is a smart pedal vehicle that is ideal for urban areas. It is digital to allow more urban connections among riders, customers, companies, and the city government. It offers cloud-based interfaces and receives over-the-air updates. The reliable Magic Ride offers real-time monitoring and an emission-free drive. And since the Magic Ride is a pedelec, this means no need for a driver’s license, tax, or insurance.

The name of the company, Mocci, refers to a “magical movement” and that is what the Magic Ride delivers. The smart bike combines hardware with software for a fully-networked experience. At the moment, Mocci targets couriers, service providers, and restaurant chains offering delivery. The Magic Ride allows safe and quick arrival of anything from medicines, to food, and repair guys. It features integrated GPS tracking, matching heat boxes, and luggage racks for customization. It also provides easy fleet management to help companies track and improve fleet operations.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec A

The Magic Ride is interesting for commercial customers because it is digital, fully networked, and adaptable to the riders. It can be configured with custom racks or trailers, making it a smarter choice for everyone. Add to that, the Mocci Magic Ride is low maintenance and doesn’t need any special license. It is one practical solution businesses should consider if they want to counter the rising fuel costs.

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Vehicle

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Design

Mocci Magic Ride Pedelec Concept


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