#This email marketing tool could turn all your campaigns into gold

#This email marketing tool could turn all your campaigns into gold

TLDR: QuickEmailVerification cleans your entire email list, weeding out old, outdated, or incorrect addresses for top deliverability and results on all your marketing campaigns.

There’s one statistic that should stand above all others when you consider advertising and marketing strategies for your business. 

It’s ROI. Return on investment. For the money you spend reaching out to customers, how much do you stand to make as a result? And if you’re looking at strict ROI dollars and cents, there’s no marketing effort that matches what you get back from a solid, well-executed email campaign.

For every dollar spent on email marketing, you can expect to make back $54. Of course, that’s if you do it right. QuickEmailVerification ($48.99, 50 percent off, from TNW Deals) wants to make sure you’re putting your company in the best possible position to reap big benefits from each and every marketing email you send.

QuickEmailVerification is sort of like that super-dedicated office assistant that you probably can’t afford in real life. Thankfully, they exist digitally, helping you keep all of your email data accurate so you can focus on crafting effective campaigns.

No matter how large your email list is, just drag and drop it into their uploader. Their powerful email checker improves your email list hygiene by knocking out all the undeliverable and potentially dodgy email addresses. Once you’re done, you’ll have a quality list that will boost your deliverability over 99 percent and optimize all of your email marketing efforts.

And their sweeps are comprehensive and thorough, covering the full spectrum of testing, from syntax to MX records checking to more sophisticated tests through their proprietary software.

The service works with all the major email service providers (ESPs) and other marketing tools like AWeber, Benchmark, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and more to improve your subscriber list from anywhere. Meanwhile, all of your information is encrypted and protected by rigid security best practices that comply with international regulations.

QuickEmailVerification is already used by over 90,000 businesses and other organizations of virtually any size, including heavyweights like IBM, Sony, Accenture, CenturyLink and more.

Right now, you can choose the QuickEmailVerification plan that fits best for your needs, all at 50 percent off their regular price. Plans range from accounts with the ability to check up to 7,000 addresses ($48.99), 16,000 ($98.99), 30,000 ($148.99) or 50,000 ($198.99).

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