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The Rookie season 3: Don’t expect a Lucy Chen, Tim Bradford romance

#The Rookie season 3: Don’t expect a Lucy Chen, Tim Bradford romance

The RookieIs there a chance that Lucy Chen and Tim Bradford could be together on The Rookie season 3, in a way that is something different than their professional dynamic?

We should start things off here by noting this — there is a large ‘shipping army out there for these two characters already. We get why. Bradford does care for her and feels a responsibility towards her. Despite having a tough exterior, he showed a lot of vulnerability over time. He’s battled some significant personal demons, and that is without getting into some of what we saw with Lucy’s life on the line in season 2.

So while there are some exciting stories that could be coming in these characters’ direction, it doesn’t seem like you can expect anything more. Why? As Alexi Hawley explains to TVLine, much of it has to do with the training officer/rookie cop dynamic that already exists. That is something that could make it very difficult for a larger bond, given that it could prove damanging for both of their careers:

We do walk a line — me maybe more than some of the staff —  about how there’s an intimacy between them that’s born from an incredibly heightened experience over these last two seasons … But Tim would never cross that line. She’s his rookie and he would never even consider crossing that line. So while I’m obviously aware that there’s a big ‘shipping there, and I appreciate any kind of passion about the show, that’s a huge line [to cross].

Is there a chance that something could change in the future? We don’t think that you can rule anything out completely if the workplace dynamic changes and Bradford stops serving as her training officer. But, even still Hawley feels like it would be difficult, and he cites the Nolan/Lucy romance as an example of that:

We’d be hypocrites [to write a Lucy/Tim romance] because we made it very clear in those first four or five episodes that female officers unfairly get tagged if they sleep with cops, and it’s why Nolan and Lucy couldn’t be together — and ultimately I think that was the right move. I mean, he was on the rebound from a 20-year marriage and she was 20 years his junior, and so it worked out the way it was supposed to, but if we turned around and threw [Lucy and Tim] together, that would be somewhat hypocritical.

In the end, The Rookie is only two seasons into what is probably going to be a long run. We’ll see where we are in a few years.

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What do you want to see for Bradford and Lucy on The Rookie season 3?

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