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#The Rookie: 31 Times We ‘Shipped Tim and Lucy

#The Rookie: 31 Times We ‘Shipped Tim and Lucy

Lucy Chen and her training office, Tim Bradford, have been winning the hearts of shippers everywhere with their will they/won’t they dynamic.

Although nothing can, or will, happen between the two until after Lucy completes her rookie year, her graduation is right around the corner.

And besides, who doesn’t love a good slow burn?

Check out our list below of 31 times we shipped Tim and Lucy on The Rookie! 

When Lucy Begins To Appreciate Tim’s Teaching Style

tucy 32

Tim is much stricter than the rest of the training officers, but unlike everyone else, Lucy has come to appreciate it.

She knows that his hard demeanor doesn’t come from a place of anger, but a place of love. As Lucy realized early on, she wouldn’t want to learn from anyone other than Tim Bradford.

The other rookies never understood why she was so fond of him, but the truth is, Lucy has always been able to see past the walls Tim puts up. It’s not a talent that most people have. 

When Tim Takes Lucy Paintballing 

tucy 29

There’s not much of a reason for going paintballing on your day off unless you’re friends or more.

Sure, Tim tried to play it off as a training lesson, but, the truth is, these two genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Lucy even called him out when it was all too apparent he was having fun. 

Can we go ahead and refer to this as their first date?

When Tim Refuses To Clock Out Until Lucy Completes Her List

tucy 24

To complete their current stage of training, all of the rookies had to log a series of arrests.

Tim spent the entire day attempting to beat other officers to crime scenes for Lucy’s benefit. 

When Lucy still came up short at the end of their shift, Tim put in overtime to get her what she needed. It’s more than likely that they ended up patrolling the streets all night. 

When Lucy Throws The “Doing My Job” Excuse Back At Tim

tucy 31

Everyone loves a good parallel. Back on The Rookie Season 1 Episode 11, Lucy tried to thank Tim for looking out for her. He brushed it off by saying he was simply doing his job.

On The Rookie Season 2 Episode 8, Lucy goes above and beyond for Tim when she suspects a car accident isn’t his fault. Tim tries to thank her, and she teases him by telling him she was just “doing her job.”

Her response indicates that they care about each other more than they want to admit. 

When Tim Gives Lucy Her Ring Back

tucy 22

Tucy fans have Eric Winter to thank for this one. In an Instagram Live, the actor who plays Tim admitted that he pitched the idea of Tim keeping Lucy’s ring to The Rookie writers. 

After her abduction, Lucy struggles to deal with the aftermath of what happened to her. Although her friends tried to be supportive, Tim was able to get through to her in a way no one else could. 

In a beautiful moment that left Lucy looking close to tears, Tim tosses Lucy back her ring, revealing that he was the one who saved her. 

When Lucy Makes Tim Her Lock Screen

tucy 28

Proud of them for their awards, Lucy has Tim and Jackson do a miniphoto shoot. Tim agreeing to a single photo is shocking enough, so the hold she has over him is pretty strong. 

After Jackson leaves the scene, Lucy snaps some more pictures of Tim and teases him by making him her lock screen. Rather than being annoyed, as he would be with anyone else, he laughs. 

Can they get any more domestic? No one’s doing it like Tim and Lucy are. 

When Tim Worries About Lucy’s Safety

tucy 33

You’d think Tim would be used to letting his rookies fly free after their training is complete, but Lucy has always meant something more to him. 

A trainee ending up fatally wounded gives Tim a bit of a scare. 

After discussing the situation with the rookie’s training officer, Tim looks over at Lucy in worry, realizing how easy it is for something to happen to her. His concern goes far beyond a trainer/trainee dynamic. 

When Tim Stays By Lucy’s Side All Night

tucy 20

Out of all her friends and family, Tim was the person who stayed by Lucy’s bedside the entire time she was in the hospital.

He tries to deny it when Lucy makes the accusation, but her “mhmm” tells him that she’s not buying it. 

There is a little bit of awkwardness from Tim when Lucy realizes how much he cares about her, which could be a sign of something more on the horizon. 

When Lucy Records An Entire Audio Book For Tim

tucy 12

Sure, fans talk about this moment. But they don’t talk about it enough. 

After a long day at work, Lucy took it upon herself to call Tim’s ex-wife and find out how Tim best retains information. She then proceeds to record an audiobook for him that’s out of print, after discovering he’s a cognitive learner. 

It’s also interesting to note that on The Rookie Season 2 Episode 13, Lucy indicates that recording books for Tim had become a regular thing. 

When Tim and Lucy Take Photos With A Child In The Hospital

tucy 27

This was all too cute. A little boy at the hospital asks Tim and Lucy to pose for a photo with him, and they’re happy to do it.

It was especially adorable to see Tim soften up and not fight the photo opt. 

The smiles on their faces made for a great moment, and we’d love to see how this picture turned out. 

When Lucy Refuses To Let Tim Go Without Her

tucy 18

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” “If you jump, I jump.” Is “you go, we go,” really all that different? Well, to us, it’s not.

There was no reason for Lucy to put herself at risk. Not only could she lose her job, but she could lose her life. 

Tim tried to get Lucy to stay behind, but she insisted that she and Nolan were going with him. Considering that this was an off-duty situation, it was a nice reminder of how they have evolved from simple co-workers. 

When Tim and Lucy Exchange The Look

tucy 13

There’s just something about the way these two look at each other. 

When the store owner calls Lucy distrustful, Lucy turns to Tim with a proud smile on her face, and he gives her one right back. 

Only Tucy would be this prideful about being naturally suspicious. 

When Tim Doesn’t Want Lucy To Date Emmett

tucy 2

Does anyone else think it’s a little odd that Tim always has a problem with Lucy’s love interests?

It’s especially funny because Tim seemed to be rather friendly with Emmett until Lucy expressed a romantic interest in him. He claims that Lucy can do better, but is that truly what this is about?

We’re not saying it means something…but, it means something. 

When Lucy Steals Tim’s Money Clip

tucy 11

Tim broke his own rule. Never tell someone where you hide your money.

After boasting about his empty wallet and the secret money clip he keeps on his belt, Lucy takes the opportunity to have some fun. Tim isn’t quite as clever as he thinks.  

If it was anyone else, Tim probably would’ve had a different reaction, but when he realizes that Lucy got the best of him, he can’t help but smile. 

When Tim Brings Lucy’s Favorite Meal To The Hospital

tucy 26

Yes, Tim knows Lucy’s favorite meal by heart. He even knows that she likes extra pickles on her veggie burger. 

Tim knew exactly what Lucy needed when she woke up in the hospital, and the smiles they shared when Lucy comments on how well he knows her had our hearts fluttering like crazy. 

This was the sweetest Tim has ever been, and he spent the entire scene acting like a concerned husband. 

When Tim Turns Down His Dream Job To Stay With Lucy

tucy 19

There’s no platonic explanation for this one. 

Tim’s months of studying finally paid off when Tim is offered a sergeant position at another precinct. Grey warns him that another opportunity like this might not present itself, but Tim turns down the job so he can finish training Lucy.

Lucy wants what’s best for him, but there was no mistaking the glee in her face when Tim confessed his reason for staying put. 

When Lucy and Tim Celebrate Their Potential Final Moments Together

tucy 14

If Tucy’s going out, they’re going out with a bang.

That’s not to say they were looking forward to getting blown up by a missile, but they didn’t seem to mind spending their last moments with each other. Noticing how stressed Lucy was, Tim did his best to distract her and help her feel better. 

Find yourself someone who will stand by your side and have a drink with you when the world is ending. 

When Tim Finds Lucy Just In Time

tucy 25

Everyone in the LAPD was worried about Lucy considering that The Rookie Season 2 Episode 11 was one giant rescue mission. But Tim took Lucy’s disappearance the hardest of all. 

If you thought Tim was scary before, he was absolutely terrifying when Lucy was in danger. Given how distraught he was over the situation, it only made sense for Tim to be the one to find her. 

Not only did he recognize her ring on the ground, but he gave her CPR, and held her while she cried. 

When Tim Protects Lucy From The Virus

tucy 23

We don’t know what hit us in the feels harder: Tim trapping himself with the virus to keep Lucy safe or Lucy trying to barge into the room despite the risks.

Regardless, Lucy fought tooth and nail to get Tim an antidote and spent the entirety of The Rookie Season 1 Episode 20 expressing concern for him.

Freefall has to go down as one of the best episodes in the history of the show. 

When Lucy Is Amused By Tim

tucy 10

Tim’s weird quirks always bring a smile to Lucy’s face. 

Although Tim is often serious and Lucy is more lighthearted, it’s hilarious how entertaining she finds his opposite interests. Anytime he gets into one of his weird speeches or goes off about something as simple as paintball, Lucy can’t stop grinning. 

Some people are simply made for each other. 

When Lucy Tricks Tim Into Paying Her Bar Tab

tucy 16

Tim is not an easy-going guy. He’s the scariest character on the show when he wants to be.

So how does Lucy always get away with screwing him over? Because he lets her. 

They enjoy pranking each other a little too much, and their banter is what makes them such a fun and intriguing pair. 

When Tim Adopts Lucy’s Dog

tucy 17

An emotional support animal often helps people who have been through a trauma. But Lucy wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a dog, no matter how much she wanted to be. 

After he chewed up all of Jackson’s belongings, it became clear he couldn’t stay. 

Rather than letting her give the dog back to the pound, Tim swoops in and saves the day. Lucy must have visitation rights, so can we go ahead and say that Tim and Lucy are dog parents?

When Lucy Tries To Give Tim Hope

tucy 30

Tim Bradford isn’t the kind of man who holds out hope. But that’s what he has Lucy for. 

In what they thought was Tim’s final moments, the two sat on opposite sides of the door and kept things raw and honest. Tim was convinced he reached the end of the line, but Lucy wasn’t giving up on him.

Besides, only soulmates get the “separated by the wall” trope. 

When Tim Is Jealous(?) Of Caleb

tucy 15

It’s still unclear what Tim’s motives were in this scene, but he was definitely acting petty. 

You could chalk it up to Tim being protective, but the looks he shot Lucy seemed to throw even her for a loop. Tim snatching Caleb’s number out of his hands before Lucy could take it from him was unforgettable. 

Not to mention, it was confusing to all parties involved.

When Tim Tries To Save Lucy’s Job

tucy 21

For someone who often claimed not to care about Lucy as more than his trainee, he sure goes above and beyond for her.

Rather than letting her get fired, Tim went back to the house of an angry citizen and tried to get him to withdraw his complaint about Lucy. 

The dead body the man was hiding in his garage helped Lucy’s case against him, but they never would have found it if Tim didn’t insist on helping her out. 

When Lucy Pushes Tim To Be Better

tucy 9

We can’t forget Lucy’s favorite lesson. To quote the handbook, “The best leaders understand that even the lowliest patrol officer has something valuable to teach them.”

Tim is Lucy’s teacher, but she’s the first rookie to ever teach him something in return. 

Lucy knows Tim’s heart and pushes him to make the right decision, even if it isn’t always the easy one. Tim often has trouble letting people in, but Lucy has shown him that opening yourself up is the best thing you can do. 

When Lucy Is On Tim’s Side

tucy 7

Even when everyone else is against him, Lucy has Tim’s back.

She stands up for him constantly, even against those who are higher up than them both. However, when Tim is in the wrong, she’s not afraid to call him out.

Their dynamic is something Tim isn’t used to, which makes them all the more refreshing. 

When Tim Knows Lucy Is Capable Of Being Great

tucy 5

Worried about what could happen when she’s out on her own, Tim gets extra tough on Lucy during the final stage of her training. 

He even gets into an argument with her boyfriend over the proper way to prepare her for being out on the streets. 

Although Lucy isn’t fazed, seeing that she’s used to Tim’s behavior, Tim makes sure she knows that he pushes her because he believes in her. 

When Tim Won’t Set Lucy Up With Emmett

tucy 4

Tim doesn’t want anything to do with Lucy’s dating life. Ever. 

Granted, the last time he intervened, the man ended up being a serial killer, but Tim wasn’t too fond of Caleb beforehand. 

He never seems to have a problem with anyone else’s relationship, but when it comes to Lucy, things are different. 

When Lucy Knew Tim Would Pass The Sergeant’s Exam

tucy 3

Tim may not be big on showing emotion, but Lucy seemed almost more excited than Tim when Grey revealed he passed his sergeant’s exam. 

Lucy was beaming with pride, and Grey didn’t miss the way they looked at each other when he told them the good news. 

Lucy is always rooting for Tim to succeed, and the mutual support they have for each other is a great foundation for a healthy relationship. 

When Lucy Tells Tim How Important His Opinion Is To Her

tucy 1

Although it wasn’t either of their faults, Tim blamed himself for Lucy’s abduction. 

However, Lucy knows that Tim often takes the weight of the world onto his shoulders, and she does her best to absolve him of any guilt.

His opinion has always been important to her, which is why she asks him for it. Tim looked touched by her admission, but he quickly covered up his smile. Typical. 

It’s your turn, The Rookie fans!

How do you feel about Tucy? Or, is it Chenford? 

Let us know your favorite moments between them in the comments section down below! 

And if you want to experience Tim and Lucy in all their glory, you can watch The Rookie online, right here at TV Fanatic.

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