#The Pack: Cancelled by Amazon, No Season Two for Pet Competition

#The Pack: Cancelled by Amazon, No Season Two for Pet Competition

The Pack will not be returning for a second season. The pet competition series has been canceled after PETA condemned the series for the treatment of the dogs on the series. The series is an Amazing Race style series for humans and their dogs.

The Wrap shared the following from a statement sent to them by PETA:

“Video footage of a dog dangling in midair from someone’s harness and paddling in a futile effort to gain his footing before getting swung into a rock face shows exactly where producers’ priorities lay for The Pack. It seems that this clip ended up on the cutting room floor because producers knew that the dog was not enthusiastic and happy, but distressed. This senior dog should be curled up on a sofa, not thrown into one dangerous situation after another for the sake of ratings. No dog would choose to be part of this ‘pack.’”

PETA also sent a statement to the head of Amazon unscripted programming, Chris Castallo, about the footage. The footage in question came from the third episode of The Pack. The statement said that the video footage “establishes exactly why real dogs and other animals don’t belong in films or on TV, as well as the way their safety and well-being are sacrificed for ratings.”

What do you think? Did you watch The Pack TV Show on Amazon? Are you surprised by the cancellation?

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