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#The meaning behind Eddie twist

#The meaning behind Eddie twist

#The meaning behind Eddie twistThe events of the A Million Little Things season 3 premiere absolutely brought significant changes to the world. While Eddie did manage to survive the devastating accident in the finale, there’s a chance that he may never walk again.

So why was this specific choice made for Eddie after the premiere? We’re not surprised that the show kept him alive, given that David Giuntoli is a huge part of this story and there was already a significant death at the start of the series. Yet, there needed to be something that happened to the character, and a way to put a significant obstacle ahead for him. We’re not saying that his road to redemption has been easy or is complete, but there wasn’t a lot of devastating consequence. This changes that in a way.

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In speaking about the premiere further in an interview with TVLine, here is some of what showrunner/creator DJ Nash had to say:

“The show is built on this idea that everything happens for a reason, and the challenge in life is finding that reason … What Eddie’s going to discover through this injury is that his plans for how he’s going to be a husband or how he’s going to be a father or how he’s going to be a friend? Those plans are destroyed.

“… [Eddie] hasn’t ever really been punished for his missteps. He’s felt remorse, and he’s felt guilt, but he hasn’t really been punished. I’m not saying that this was a punishment as a result of [his past actions], but for the first time in the series, we are seeing Eddie have to pay a price and have to overcome something.”

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Will he do that? There’s a good chance, but we don’t expect the tone to be the same as what we saw at the end of the premiere; there are going to be more obstacles coming. It’d be a larger surprise if there wasn’t.

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What do you think is going to be coming up next for Eddie on A Million Little Things season 3?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Meanwhile, be sure to keep coming back for some other insight. (Photo: ABC.)

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