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#The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Lost

#The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Lost

Grief is never one size fits all. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and we all process it differently.

On The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13, The Bold Babes and Jaqueline all found themselves dealing with grief.

Were they able to keep their heads above the water? Join us as we discuss.

Sad Sutton - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Jacqueline and Ian getting back together so quickly felt too good to be true.

With the introduction of Miles during the first half of The Bold Type Season 4, we saw Jacqueline come alive in a way we hadn’t up to that point. Watching her disregard that relationship so easily didn’t feel right.

When Ian brought up Miles during The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 12, I knew that we were going to get a resolution to the storyline, but I didn’t anticipate it ending as well as it did.

How uncomfortable must it have been for Ian to read the article that Miles wrote about his relationship with Jacqueline, that from the snippet we got to hear, seemed quite detailed?

I give Ian a lot of credit for handling it as calmly as he did. Sure they were on a break, but that doesn’t mean he wants to hear intimate details of her trysts during that time.

Alex and Kat - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

At least it forced Jacqueline into sharing the truth with him. Jacqueline may have been willing to end things with Miles to work on things with Ian, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t grieving for what the relationship brought to her life — Finally feeling seen.

In my reviews of the early episodes of The Bold Type Season 4, I discussed that Jacqueline was a major contributor to the destruction of her and Ian’s marriage, but she wasn’t the only one responsible.

Not feeling seen by your significant other is an awful feeling.

It is so easy to disconnect from your partner at that point. It is difficult not to wonder if the reason that Jacqueline threw herself so completely into Scarlet was that she felt that sense of disconnect in her relationship with Ian.

Jacqueline may come off strong and confident, but we never really know what is going on beneath the surface. Sometimes we are slowly being chipped away at, bit by bit, piece by piece until we feel small.

Working Girl - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Work can be a great distraction when things aren’t going well at home. Especially when you are Jacqueline Carlyle and are basically worshipped by those who work for you. The respect and admiration her employees and coworkers show her may have been a great replacement for the lack of that she was feeling from Ian.

Ian needed to redeem himself, both to Jacqueline and to the viewers, and he did just that.

His speech to Jacqueline about how he is not great at words like Miles, but he wants to use his own form of words, his photography, to show her was absolute perfection. Ian may not be a writer, but he was a downright poet at that moment.

I’ve been very anti-Jacqueline and Ian reconciling, but that moment brought me back on board with them. Relationships are constant work, and as long as both people are willing to put it in, anything is possible.

Kat is reeling from the loss of the life that she built herself. She may have felt confident in her decision to take down RJ, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt that her choice took so much from her.

Bubble Wrap Hugs - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Kat feels like she lost everything, and how could she not? She lost her career, her beautiful apartment, and the support both financially and emotionally from her parents. It is a lot to cope with.

When you are dealing with so much loss, you start to feel like you are losing your identity. It is no wonder that she was clinging on to any little piece of her old life, even if that meant being absolutely broke.

Kat has to rebuild herself brick by brick. Coming up with the idea for her podcast was that first step. Kat has always had a way of effortlessly connecting with others. A podcast is a perfect platform for her to do that.

Kat has spent a lot of time searching for her purpose, and this just might be it — Putting a spotlight on incredible women and bringing awareness to great causes.

Not only is her podcast helping her to build a new life, but it was also able to help her to start letting go of her old one.

A Bold Hug - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Selling her belongings, especially her old reliable couch “Connie”, was a huge deal for Kat. It might just have looked like clothes and furniture, but they were symbols of the person that she used to be. You have to let the past be the past to move forward, though.

Jane buying “Connie” for Kat and putting it in their apartment was a sweet touch. It is the perfect reminder of where she came from, while not taking away from where she is going.

Kat’s journey also highlighted one of the most underrated pairings on The Bold Type.

Kat and Alex’s friendship really began to blossom during The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 2 when he encouraged her to own her racial identity. We don’t get to see the two together nearly enough.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like Alex should be a therapist because he always manages to get to the bottom of the Bold Babe’s issues and help them to see what they need. Please can we keep getting more Alex content?

Style Throwback - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Jane continued her battle coming to terms with her life-changing experience. Just when she thought that she was feeling like herself again, her world began to crash down around her again.

Trying to find yourself when you feel lost is an uphill battle and a long one at that. Jane wanted to put a bandaid on her feeling and believe that she could just be okay again, but it wasn’t going to work.

Kevin was a nice enough guy, but a meaningless hook up is not the cure to Jane’s blues.

Jane deciding to write a piece about her experience with her mastectomy and the sense of loss she felt afterward as a way of finding others who went through a similar experience was a genius idea.

As much as she loves Sutton and Kat, they can’t understand the struggle she is facing.

The Bold Babes Support Each Other - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

It is also much preferable to her leaning on Scotty2Hotty. As I discussed in my review of “Snow Day,” it is clear that they are trying to push him as her new love interest, but I am not on board with it.

Scott is a great shoulder, but how is she supposed to feel like herself again if she throws herself into yet another relationship? She will end up building her new identity with him as a part of it, and it will create a sense of dependence on him.

Jane needs to take her time and find the new Tiny Jane, and then and only then will she be able to have a healthy relationship, that doesn’t define her but instead compliments her.

The moment that many of us knew was coming arrived. Sutton suffered a miscarriage. The way the writers handled it, though, was delicate and beautiful and from a stance that I can’t recall seeing portrayed on a TV show before.

Sutton wants to be a mother one day, that is clear. One day doesn’t need to be now, though. It is okay for Sutton to want to build her career and her marriage before she adds a new person into the mix. A baby is a huge responsibility and a permanent one.

A Devastated Sutton - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

So when Sutton breaks down to the Jane and Kat and confesses that she is relieved, her feelings are incredibly valid. Sure Sutton had gotten on board with the idea of having a baby when she knew she was having one, but that doesn’t mean it was the ideal situation.

It is entirely possible for her to have been fine with having a baby, and also happy that she isn’t having one. Those two feelings do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Juxtaposing Sutton’s body going through the miscarriage with Sutton working on styling the five-year-old for his graduation was great. Sutton’s body was processing the trauma, while Sutton’s mind got to process her feelings by really getting to think about what having a baby would mean.

Meghann Fahy’s portrayal of Sutton throughout the episode was out of this world and deserved applause. From the numbness that she felt, to her grief over not feeling grief, she brought a sense of rawness to every moment.

Sutton, having been pregnant, opens up a huge can of worms for Suttard as a couple.

Stylish Sutton - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

Richard was extremely excited about the idea of being a dad. Case in point the adorable baby book he ran out to buy for them. Will he be okay with the idea of hitting the pause button again on having kids?

Richard is at a very different point in his life than Sutton.

He is older and more established in his career. He already got the chance to build his career and be young and have fun without having to worry about that added responsibility of a child. Will he understand Sutton wanting to do the same?

We have seen Suttard go through so many ups and downs to get to the point they are at right now. It would be a shame for something this major to come along and ruin it all when they finally got to a good place.

I posed the question in the comments section of my review of The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 12, whether Sutton might consider adoption, and I have to wonder if maybe that would be a middle ground for her and Richard.

We have seen how great Sutton is with Carly. Maybe she and Richard could adopt an older child that wouldn’t be as huge of an undertaking as bringing a newborn into their lives, but still, allow them to be parents.

Jane and Kat Come Prepared - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13

What did you think Fanatics?

Do you think that Suttard will get past their miscarriage?

Are Tiny Jane and Scotty2Hotty inevitable?

Is Kat going to kick ass at her podcast?

Share your own thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to watch The Bold Type online at TV Fanatic!

Meaghan Frey is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


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