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#’The Baker and the Beauty’: Why ABC Should Renew the Romantic Dramedy

‘The Baker and the Beauty’: Why ABC Should Renew the Romantic Dramedy

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew

ABC/Nino Munoz

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of The Baker and the Beauty, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”]

Let’s hope that finale title doesn’t apply to the future of the ABC dramedy.

The Baker and the Beauty ended its first season on a high note—for superstar and fashion mogul Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley) and baker Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), at least. The couple surprised his family by announcing their engagement … just as the Garcias were trying to decide what to do about the future of their business.

The series has yet to be renewed, but showrunner Dean Georgaris is optimistic. “It would have been very easy for ABC to just say no to everything that was even remotely on the fence, and so for both us and [For Life], the fact that we’re still very much alive means a lot to all of us,” he said.

But let’s hope that there’s good news coming because the series deserves a second season. Scroll down to see why we want to see Noa, Daniel, and the rest of the characters on our screen again.

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew Bakery

ABC/Laura Magruder

The bakery’s future is up in the air

We can’t be left not knowing what will happen with the family’s business! In the finale, the Garcias’ vote was split, leaving Daniel’s as the deciding one. But news of his and Noa’s engagement put that on the backburner, and now not only do we need to know how he votes, but we need to see if that relationship development affects what his family thins of his decision.

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew Engagement What's Next

ABC/Laura Magruder

How does everyone handle Noa and Daniel being engaged?

We spent the first season watching Noa and Daniel meet and fall in love and the complications that brought to their and their loved ones’ lives. The Garcias were shocked by the couple’s announcement that they’re getting married, but how do they and Lewis (Dan Bucatinsky) handle it going forward? Who gets the most into wedding planning? Who expresses the most concern about them actually going through with the ceremony and staying together? And how do Noa and Daniel handle it? This clearly wasn’t something they spent much time thinking about, so will one of them get cold feet as the big day approaches?

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew Complicated Relationships

ABC/Laura Magruder

It’s filled with complicated relationships

Just look at Daniel and Vanessa (Michelle Veintimilla). The series began with his long-time girlfriend’s failed proposal (and subsequent public lashing out), but by the finale, they were friendly again. In fact, he even found out that his brother Mateo (David Del Rio) hooked up with her and encouraged him to try to work things out. While that didn’t turn out as Mateo hoped (yet?), Vanessa remains part of the Garcias’ lives.

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew New Relationships

ABC/Francisco Roman

The Season 1 finale set up new dynamics to explore

Noa and Daniel’s engagements brings everyone in their orbits together. Who else can’t wait to see more of Lewis with the Garcias? That will be comedy gold. But if there’s a second season, now the stage is also set to see more of Noa and Vanessa together—and we’d love to see them put their past (and the Daniel of it all) behind them.

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew Family

ABC/Laura Magruder

It highlights the importance of family

And the show doesn’t just care about blood, either. Yes, we enjoyed watching the Garcias’ ups and downs in Season 1, but we also especially loved Noa and Lewis’ bond. He’s more than just her manager, and we saw that when she was there for him after learning about his cancer diagnosis. The stage is set for us to see more of all kinds of families in a second season, not just due to the engagement but simply because we have the chance to see these characters spend more time together.

The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew Romantic Dramedy

ABC/Nino Munoz

It’s a fun, entertaining, romantic dramedy

Sometimes we just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the characters and relationships on screen. That’s what Baker and the Beauty allows us, with the concept of a romantic comedy and storylines of a family drama.


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