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#That was AnimagiC 2022

“That was AnimagiC 2022

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, AnimagiC celebrated its long-awaited comeback from August 5th to 7th under the motto “United Again”. In this article we describe our impressions of the fair!

The Shuffling Kogoro:

After the AnimagiC had to collapse in both 2020 and 2021 due to the corona pandemic, last weekend it was finally time to go to Mannheim again! In contrast to previous years, this time I wasn’t just there for a single day, but on Fridays and Saturdays. In retrospect, this was also a good decision, as I made full use of the time at the fair thanks to the, as always, quite lavish program.

Personally, as a synchro fan, I really got my money’s worth: In addition to the traditional dubbing workshop, this year Anime House offered in cooperation with the Heilbronn studio HNYWOOD Insights into the world of German dubbing. The two sympathetic speakers Nicole Silbermann and Lisa Cardinale, who recently lent their voices to characters from “Hanasaku Iroha” and “Cross Ange”, were also part of the party. They were kind enough to record a short greeting video for our interview with Anime House in addition to signing the autograph cards. At this point, thank you again!

But of course not only German but also Japanese guests of honor were represented at the fair. Although some of them had to be canceled in advance, AnimagiC was able to shine with a strong line-up consisting of ReoNa and ASCA, among others. I knew both of them because of their openings and endings from the third season of «Sword Art Online». As expected, the atmosphere in the hall was very euphoric, which contributed well to the overall experience. On the other hand, LMYK was a singer who didn’t fall into the usual J-Pop mold. The sound of their pieces was quite unique for me and thanks to the not so brute volume in the Musensaal it was also a nice change. Apart from that, I would also like to mention the joint performance of Aira Yuuki and Yui Ishikawa as part of the “Violet Evergarden” special concert. I particularly liked the duet version of the opening «Sincerely».

However, there were some points of criticism again this year, which were already known from the previous iterations. So the carrying of drinks was still limited to a ridiculous 0.5 liters and was apparently also strictly controlled in view of the full crates of bottles at the entrances. At the same time, the in-house catering service once again demanded exorbitant food and drink prices. Also in view of the endless queues in front of the stands, the trade fair visitors were well advised to visit a restaurant outside the rose garden.

The organization of the program highlights on Saturday evening also caused frustration among many convention visitors. The Mozart Hall was not cleared between the individual shows, so that after the first concert there was hardly any chance of getting a seat in the hall. If you only wanted to see the “anime in concert”, for example, you would have had to be in the hall a few shows earlier if possible. Here I hope that in the coming years a better solution will be found for all visitors.

Despite everything, the AnimagiC is ultimately above most doubts: the ticket price is quite justified in view of the guests of honor and the diverse program. Thus, the fair remains almost a mandatory event for all German anime and manga fans. In any case, I am already looking forward to AnimagiC 2023!



After a 2 year break due to the pandemic, the AnimagiC has finally returned. Even though some of the guests of honor had to cancel (due to illness), the convention was once again a complete success.

In contrast to Gamescom, the retailer area at AnimagiC was fully stocked and anyone who had been there in the past could already guess where you would find which stand. Only a few booths have changed location, which is why the habit has also made it much easier to find your way around the con. Of course, there were also new anime and manga releases to buy (some even before the release) and at attractive fair prices.

As usual, the stage program was phenomenal and offered a breathtaking mix of show groups and the concerts of the guests of honour. In addition to familiar faces, there were also new guests on site this time, which means that it doesn’t get boring over the years. Of course, the annual “Anime in Concert” (even twice this time), the grand opening ceremony and the concerts by Aimer, ASCA and Aira Yuuki deserve special mention. For me personally, the high-quality stage program has always been the unique selling point of AnimagiC.

The very clear point of criticism here, however, is the lack of organization and by that I don’t mean the helpers, who did a great job and were always open to all questions. The program was designed in such a way that the highlights always took place one after the other in the evening at a central location (Mozart Hall), which did not offer enough space. Many fans were sent back out for fire safety reasons if they did not have a fixed seat. There was also no entry throughout the entire evening, which meant that many fans inevitably missed large parts of the highlight program.

Especially with the high ticket prices MUST BE ENSUREthat everyone has access to the stage program of the convention, which unfortunately was not the case here.

The workshop and panel program was also able to impress with high-quality presentations, although this time the individual panels of the publishers were unfortunately very centered and partly at the same time on Sundays. We could have planned better here. Among other things, I was at the dubbing workshop for “Rising of the Shield Hero” and the dubbing panel from HNYWOOD, both of which gave very interesting insights into the German dubbing and I warmly recommend them to anyone interested. But I would have liked more individuality in the workshop program, because Japanese culture in general would have offered many more possibilities here than such a strict focus on pure anime and manga topics.

In addition, there was again an extensive anime cinema program, in which the focus this time was much more on titles that were already set to German. I liked it very much myself, but unfortunately this time it was at the expense of OmU lovers.

Due to the high-quality and very extensive program, I recommend everyone to plan at least two days at the convention in order to be able to take as much as possible with them.

Many thanks also to the AnimagiC team for putting together such a great program even after returning from the pandemic-related break. For me, the AnimagiC is the central meeting place in the community.

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