#Tesla Explains Why Your Dash Cam and Sentry Mode Are Broken – Review Geek

“Tesla Explains Why Your Dash Cam and Sentry Mode Are Broken – Review Geek”

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If your Tesla dash cam or sentry mode recently stopped working, you’re not alone. Lately, several reports have emerged that users are experiencing problems with their cameras, and Tesla is aware of the problem and working on a fix.

While Tesla’s sentry mode and dash cams are no strangers to problems, this latest issue is a little bigger than most. Typically, many owners that get dash cam errors unplug the USB drive, then plug it back in, which often solves the problem. Well, temporarily, at least.

However, now it looks like this is becoming a more widespread issue. Multiple users on Reddit have reported an X over the camera icon on the infotainment display. When they try to use Sentry Mode or access the cams, they’re greeted with an error message saying, “Dashcam unavailable — Check USB Drive.”

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Many owners suspected the USB drive had a problem, but according to Tesla, this is actually a software issue that should get resolved in an upcoming software update. One user reached out to Tesla’s support team, and this is part of the response he received.

“The flash drive is unmounting, causing the dash camera to go to a paused state, which triggers sentry to stop recording as soon as it starts.”

While some reports online believe this problem started with the recent 2022.12.3.2 software update from Tesla, we’re seeing other owners mentioning it’s not a new situation. Users have dealt with this off and on for months, but now that Tesla is aware of it, a fix should be coming soon.

Tesla said this is nothing more than a firmware issue and that once the fix is available, it’ll be sent out as a software update. However, Tesla gave no other details or a potential release date for the OTA release. So, if you’re experiencing problems with your Tesla dash cams or Sentry Mode, open the glove box, unplug and plug back in your USB drive, or wait for the update.

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