#T-Mobile Home Internet Launches with No Data Caps – Review Geek

“#T-Mobile Home Internet Launches with No Data Caps – Review Geek”

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Today, T-Mobile officially launched its new Home Internet service. The internet service will provide average speeds greater than 100 Mbps, and it comes with unlimited data with no throttling. It’s available starting today in every state but Alaska for $60 a month.

T-Mobile Home Internet started as a pilot program and has been in testing for nearly two years. But whereas it first opened up in limited locations, today’s official rollout brings the service to 30 million Americans across the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii. It did get a price increase, the service only cost $50 during a trial, but that updated price is all you’ll pay. T-Mobile promises no additional taxes, fees, equipment rentals, or even contracts.

T-Mobile Home Internet works off the company’s 4G and 5G towers, though, so if you have spotty T-Mobile coverage, it may not work well for you. But if you enjoy full T-Mobile speeds, it could be worth considering. At 100 Mbps, it’s the fast internet around, but Gigabit offerings are still a rare option in the U.S. And if your current ISP only offers slower speeds, then it’s a step up.

That’s a distinct possibility. T-Mobile says that out of the 30 million Americans who can sign up for the service, 10 million live in rural areas. That’s precisely the type of place most like to suffer for slow internet options.

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You can check if T-Mobile’s Home Internet service is available in your area at the company’s site. Just be aware that the initial inventory of the necessary Wi-Fi gates is limited due to a global shortage.

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