#Super73 C1X Electric Motorcycle Shown Off in New Teaser Video – Review Geek

“Super73 C1X Electric Motorcycle Shown Off in New Teaser Video – Review Geek”

Super73 C1X motorcycle video

While California’s adventure lifestyle company Super73 makes some of the most iconic ebikes on the market, it announced the all-new Super73 C1X electric motorcycle concept earlier this year. Now, a new teaser video is showing it in action.

The C1X concept is a rapid evolution of Super73’s current ebikes. It’s a hair bigger than a regular model but smaller than a full-scale electric motorcycle. The initial announcement only came with some beautiful concept imagery and renders, but now we’re seeing an actual prototype gripping the streets.

This week the company released a Super73 C1X first ride video, showing a functional motorcycle that looks nearly identical to the concept. The electric motorbike is undergoing early “preliminary testing,” but from what we’re seeing so far, it looks great.

In the video above, the demonstrator mentions that testing is at “at 25%,” but we’re not sure what that means. Either way, we see it accelerate off the line, make a few turns, and that’s about it. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the rider accessed the bike with an NFC keycard, similar to Tesla EVs’ digital key. We’re hopeful that the feature will make it into the production model.

Unfortunately, the video didn’t give us any new details about the motorbike, and we still don’t have a solid list of specs. That said, Super73 previously mentioned it’d reach speeds upwards of 75 MPH, have a city range of over 100 miles on a charge, and weigh around 300 lbs.

During the initial announcement in March, the company said it hopes to release the bike sometime in 2023. And judging by how long it took for the first prototype ride, it’s safe to assume this isn’t coming out anytime soon.

Still, you can reserve your spot in line today on the Super73 website for $73.

via Electrek

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