#Straylight Tiger Webtoon – First Impression! » OmniGeekEmpire

#Straylight Tiger Webtoon – First Impression! » OmniGeekEmpire

Today, we’re checking out Straylight Tiger, a Sci-fi webtoon set in a distant future, where three races fight for power and survival.

When humans can shift into animals, manipulate elemental powers, or possess weapons created from otherworldly metals, things undoubtedly escalate quickly. Still, as an extremist cult emerges to dominate the one city that unites the three species, a powerful corporation recruits a secret task force to challenge them.

So far I like it, but I do have one question about Angeline’s conditions. If her parents and/or her older sibling knew that she had the powers of both the races and they knew that she was forgetful, why didn’t anyone tell her? My only guess is that their parent was the only ones that knew but since they are dead, she had to find out the tough way. Aside from that, the art is great and Angeline as a character is enjoyable to read. The power system and how the three races interact will be interesting, which are shifters, enduring, and the mortal (the normal ones). Aside from the humans, the traits of the other two are unique and could lead to some interesting battles in the coming chapters. Especially the enduring who can’t die until their lifeforce runs out. Imagine being born OP and with a huge reserve of lifeforce, that’s crazy!

The story reminds me of Zootopia and Beast Wars, where these races have a megacity for all these races to live in harmony but of course, that never works out and the mortal is being hunted for some religious cult reasons.

Overall, with four episodes out, I say it’s worth checking out!

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