#Six Trending Jobs That Increased in Demand During Covid-19

Six Trending Jobs That Increased in Demand During Covid-19

It’s been one year since the coronavirus pandemic started and there is still no cure for this deadly infection. The virus spreads faster than anything medical scientists have seen in the last few decades. Most viruses can only spread when people come in contact with symptomatic people. However, the coronavirus pandemic spreads through droplets. Coming in contact with the droplets from the mouth or nose of a recently infected person is all it takes—it doesn’t matter if the person is symptomatic or not.

The virus can also survive on infected surfaces for days at a time. This is why many businesses had to shut down until measures were put in place to reduce the spread of the virus. During this lockdown, some jobs faded while the demand for others increased. These are the six hottest jobs in the Covid-19 era:

1.Medical Technologists

Medical technologists are laboratory workers in hospitals and clinics. Their primary job is to collect and test bodily samples using the latest technological advancements. They have a range of analytical techniques to identify viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Their jobs are crucial in the healthcare industry so it’s not a surprise that the demand increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are different areas of expertise for medical technologists such as transfusion, chemistry, hematology, medicine, immunology, and microbiology, among others. These experts earn between $35,000 and $51,000 depending on their level.

2.Physical Therapists

Just like medical technologists, physical therapists are also in the medical industry. These medical professionals help injured people recover after accidents or surgery. They also help with pain management, preventive care, and the treatment of chronically ill people. These physical therapists continued to work even when other people were stuck at home. The average pay for physical therapists is $89,440 in the United States. The more experienced and successful the therapist is, the more money they will earn.

3.Nursing Practitioners

Nursing practitioners are advanced registered nurses. They are mid-level practitioners who assess patient needs, interpret laboratory tests, and diagnose patients. They also work on healthcare coordination, prevention of diseases, and health promotion. However, NPs refer patients with more advanced conditions to doctors or specialists. These nursing practitioners earn an average of $111,840 yearly. The salary of these NP experts can be higher depending on their specialty.

4.Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs for short, are healthcare providers who work under the direction of nurses. Nursing assistants help patients with their daily tasks while they’re in hospitals. They dress ill people, help them move around, and clean them when necessary. They also ensure that patients eat the right food by tracking everything that is ingested. Nursing assistants might also provide home healthcare services for discharged or chronically ill patients. They report their findings to nurses who either diagnose or refer patients to doctors. Certified nursing assistants earn between $28,540 to $42,000 yearly.

5.Truck Drivers

Truck driving has been in high demand this year as well. These heavy-duty drivers moved supplies within and outside cities. They moved a lot of medical supplies from point A to point B helping healthcare workers in the front lines. They also moved food and other supplies. These truck drivers often have to drive for several hours or days at a time while transporting products for their companies. The average salary for truck drivers in the United States is $60,954 annually. The bigger the truck, the more money the driver makes yearly.

6.Construction Workers

This might come as a surprise but there has been a surge in the demand for construction workers since the beginning of the pandemic. There is a shortage of construction workers in the United States to meet this rising demand. Many companies have been trying to attract workers by increasing hourly wages, hosting training programs, and increasing bonuses. They’ve also been using technology to increase productivity but there is only so much work a drone can do. Heavy-duty construction tools still need to be controlled by trained construction workers.


There will always be some thriving jobs no matter how bad the economy gets. If you’ve been out of a job since the pandemic started, you can use a web application to search for a sustainable job that is still in demand. If you can’t find anything to match your current skills, you can join an online job training platform to learn a new skill. Learning a new, in-demand skill will beef up your resume, allowing you to get more opportunities.

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