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Silver Surfer Fan-Made Poster Brings Galactus to the MCU in Phase 4

#Silver Surfer Fan-Made Poster Brings Galactus to the MCU in Phase 4

The end of the ‘Infinity Gems’ saga has opened the door to bigger threats to the MCU in the years to come. One comic character that fans want to see menace the MCU as the new big bad is the planet-eating entity Galactus. There is no official news of the character’s role in upcoming MCU movies, leaving digital artist Camille Vialet to come up with a piece of fan art showcasing the Avengers coming face to face with Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer.

The image shows Black Panther, Thor, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange facing away while standing on an unknown planet. Captain Marvel is hovering in the air. All the heroes are staring up as a giant, planet-dwarfing shadow looms in the distance, and we get to see the famous helmet worn by Galactus, topping a pair of glittering purple eyes. To the left, a streak of silver heralds the arrival of the Surfer.

It is an impressive scene that would make for an awe-inspiring moment in the theater if recreated for an Avengers movie. It is also similar to another moment that has already occurred at the end of Doctor Strange, where the good Doctor landed on an asteroid to battle the giant inter-dimensional entity Dormammu, and prevent him from consuming Earth. Only this time, Strange is not alone but is backed up by the Avengers.

The arrival of Galactus in the MCU is expected to take place in the next new years as the franchise expands to include the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. The question is how will he be making his appearance? Will he be set up as someone who has always existed in the MCU, perhaps having encountered Captain Marvel in the past during one of her interplanetary adventures, or will he enter the MCU from a different universe, now that the second Doctor Strange movie is going to establish the concept of the multiverse?

It is not just Galactus, but his herald the Silver Surfer who fans are also looking forward to seeing. The Surfer has a tragic backstory, fascinating cosmic powers, and a strong moral code that conflicts with his duties towards Galactus, all of which can come together to make for a very compelling solo Silver Surfer movie, and establish Galactus as the new big bad for the MCU.

Of course, there is going to be some difficulty in making Galactus the new Thanos. Unlike the Mad Titan, who had vast resources, a brilliant strategic mind, and a larger plan that brought him in direct conflict with the Avengers, the Galactus is more a force of nature than a person. The planet-eater has no need for an army and has no evil scheme beyond satiating his hunger by consuming one planet after another.

In the comics, Galactus is rarely the guy who comes up with schemes the heroes need to foil. As a cosmic entity that existed since before the universe was created, he is simply beyond such trivial human matters as scheming and plotting. As such, the Galactus fans eventually get to see in the MCU may turn out to be not so much the main villain, as a Godzilla-like entity on a cosmic scale, who shows up at brief intervals to wreak absolute havoc as part of the actual main villain’s machinations to defeat the heroes.

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