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#Shy Glizzy Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made By OnlyFans Model

“Shy Glizzy Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made By OnlyFans Model”

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Shy Glizzy has responded to sexual misconduct allegations made against him by an OnlyFans model.

The allegations were made by Sky Bri, who stopped by the No Jumper podcast earlier this month and accused Glizzy of inappropriate behavior while on the set of his recently released music video, “White Girl.”

Bri said she had known Glizzy from a prior photoshoot together, and claimed that he reached out about her starring in the “White Girl” video after the song blew up on TikTok and became certified platinum eight years after its release.

After enthusiastically agreeing to be in the video, the OnlyFans creator claimed Glizzy acted “sketchy” all day and at one point allegedly pressured her to take an unknown drug.

“He was just the whole day trying to flirt with me or pull me to the side to talk to me,” Br said. “His personality that day was just weird. He was just being sketchy…When it got dark out, he cornered me in the kitchen with his little posse and convinced me to do this pill. And I don’t know what the pill was. I said ‘no’ a million times. Eventually, I was like, ‘Okay, whatever.’”

Things allegedly got worse once they wrapped the shoot.

“I was getting ready to leave and he comes in and he pulls me on to the bed and I look down and his dick is out,” Sky Bri recalled. “And he’s like, ‘Suck it.’ And I said no and he’s like, ‘Lick it,’ and I said no and he said, ‘Then you’re fine with not getting paid?’ And I said yeah and I just got up and went downstairs and got the director.”

Glizzy had remained silent on the accusations until this week, when the Washington, D.C. rapper stopped by Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast to try to clear his name.

“I ain’t got no relationship with her. What type of relationship am I supposed to have with her?” Glizzy said when asked about the allegations. “I’m an artist; is it my job to pay motherfuckers? I come on set just how everyone else come on the mothafuckin’ set. That ain’t my mothafuckin job.

“I don’t know what went on with none of that. That ain’t nothing that pertain to me. I came, I did my job, everything was smooth. After that, everything always was smooth.”

He continued: “It’s not true. I don’t even know where a n-gga like that…I’ve been in this shit too long. You ain’t never heard no shit like that about me. I’m a player.”

Akademiks went on to ask Shy Glizzy how he felt about such serious allegations, to which the 30-year-old said he was unphased by what people say about him.

Shy Glizzy’s denial comes after an affiliate of Glizzy Gang also came forward and claimed the rapper has been spiking women’s drinks for over a decade.

“I been told y’all Shy spiked them bottles,” Ant Glizzy Ant said in an Instagram Live. “The fuck? I know he spiked them bottles, on GQ I spiked a couple bottles with ’em.”

He continued by saying Glizzy often spiked numerous bottles, and that he even showed Ant how to do it one time.

“Any girl that ever been around the Glizzy Gang, just think about when y’all got drunk, y’all was super drunk,” Ant continued. “It’s a #MeToo movement. He been doing this shit for ten years, I swear to God. It’s at least 20 people that’s gonna come out and say this shit.

“I been told y’all these stories. I told y’all he spike them. He been doing this shit for 15 years on GQ. Like, any girl that ever drunk with the Glizzy Gang at a club or at a table, you was extra drunk. All you gotta do is ask him.”

The disturbing accusations are just the latest controversy to befall the Glizzy Gang. In December, Taliban Glizzy was arrested by the Secret Service after reportedly being under federal surveillance for over a year.

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