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#Show EP on introducing new characters

“Show EP on introducing new characters”

YellowjacketsAs we get ourselves further prepared for Yellowjackets season 2, it’s clear there is a lot for the writers to balance. You have the challenge, for example, of introducing adult versions of Lottie and presumably Van. Then, you also have a real attempt to add new elements to the flashbacks. There are so many answers that need to be delivered, and of course so much hype that was generated from what we saw during season 1.

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So what is another thing the producers are actively thinking about? Bringing in new characters in the past in a way that feels realistic. It’s similar to what Lost did — making clear you only showed so many people on-screen so that there are other survivors still out there.

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Speaking to Variety recently on the subject of ambiguity in the past and introducing new characters down the road, here is some of what executive producer Ashley Lyle had to say:

“We were [trying to keep the number of passengers mysterious], yeah. I think that the most accurate depiction is in episode 3, where they’re holding the funeral… We knew that we were going to want to give ourselves some room to introduce some more characters in season 2 and potentially beyond. So it was a combination of being purposefully a little bit vague, and also just the production challenges. Because we already have a very large cast, and when you have people who are essentially going to be characters in the background who might grow later – it’s a very difficult thing to do.”

Because we know that this show in particular has a five-year plan, don’t be surprised if there are some characters who are intentionally saved beyond just season 3. If the writers decide that is the best thing for them to do, they’ll have no problem taking that on.

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What are you most hoping to see on Yellowjackets season 2?

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