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#«Shin-chan»: New details on the disc release of the 28th film

#«Shin-chan»: New details on the disc release of the 28th film

In the meantime, new details about the release of the 28th “Shin-chan” film at polyband anime are known!

As early as March we reported that polyband anime will publish the 28th movie about the cult «Shin-chan» on disc in this country. Now more details about the release have been announced.

So the film should get the title in this country «SHIN CHAN – Crash! Kingdom of Doodle and almost four heroes » wear and on 25. June 2021 appear in Amaray packaging on DVD and Blu-ray. Both a German and a Japanese language version will be included. Only trailers are given as a bonus. The German cover of the film has also been unveiled, which you can see below.

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The 28th “Shin-chan” film celebrated its cinema premiere in Japan in September 2020. The studio stood out for the production Shin-Ei Animation in charge, directed by Takahiko Kyogoku. In Germany, polyband anime has already published 78 episodes of the series under the title “Shin-chan: The New Episodes” on DVD.


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This is what «SHIN CHAN – Crash! Kingdom of Doodle and almost four heroes »:

The kingdom of Scribble is in turmoil. Because the children on earth no longer scribble so much, there is a lack of scribble energy that makes the kingdom float. The defense minister sees only one solution. He locks up the king and wants to conquer the earth from Kasukabe in Japan. Then he wants to force the children to scribble. Said and done. But the princess succeeds in sending the court painter to earth to hand over the magic pen to the chosen hero. The hero is of course Shin chan. He scribbles three helpers and, together with the boy Yuma, they set out to free the adults and defeat the army of the scribble kingdom.

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(Description: polyband anime)

Those: polyband anime

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