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#Shakira’s Team ‘Tried To Stop’ Her From Being So Harsh On Gerard Piqué — Here’s Why She Refused!

Shakira is opening up about the way she handled her split from Gerard Piqué — and how some in her inner circle tried to hold her back!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone out on Thursday, the pop star recalled how difficult it was to break up with her longtime partner in 2022 amid cheating rumors. Of course it didn’t help she was also dealing with her father’s scary medical emergency (he fell and nearly died that year). She shared:

“When it rains it pours. It was crazy, how many things I had to deal with at the same time.”

Naturally, the Zootopia star turned to music to process her emotions — which resulted in some fiery diss tracks and a VERY graphic and (literally) heartbreaking music video! But as it turns out, her team was pushing back against her choices at the time!

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The singer explained:

“I had this urge to express myself through my art, my visions, my music, transferring all that pain, all those sharp emotions to a space outside of myself.”

That’s what being an artist is all about, right?

Her most notable bit of revenge against her ex came in the form of a duet with Bizarrap called Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53. It quickly became a hit as she slammed the professional soccer player, basically confirming the cheating story as she sang things like, “I’m worth two 22-year-olds, you traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo” and “you left me with your mom as a neighbor, the press at my door, and a debt with the Treasury.” And while her young son was totally on board with the brutal track, Shakira’s manager was urging her to reconsider, she revealed:

“And then I remember my manager at the time telling me, ‘Please change the lyrics.’ Of course, I was trying to calculate the possible contingencies and the risks, but I said, ‘I’m an artist. I am a woman. And I’m a wounded she-wolf. And no one should tell me how to lick my wounds.’”

Preach it, girl!

The same thing happened with her Monotonía music video, which shows her getting shot in the chest and then following her bleeding heart around a grocery store, all with an open wound visible. It was a BOLD visual, and her team feared she’d gone too far. She added:

“[They] raised their hands and rang the alarms and tried to stop me, like, ‘Think about it a little. No, why are you going to expose yourself like that? That’s way too gory.’ They were tough images, yeah? But they were genuine. That’s how I felt.”

Her team may not have seen the vision, but her fans did, and she said she really felt their support during this time, noting:

“We’re in a society that’s used to seeing women confront pain in a submissive way, and I think that’s changed.”

BTW, last year, Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 won Song of the Year and Best Pop Song at the Latin Grammys. So clearly she made the right choice! Plus, she clearly had to get all that off her chest to move forward!

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[Image via Billboard/Shakira/The Overlap/YouTube]

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