#Selena fans angry after man puts MAGA hat on slain singer’s statue

#Selena fans angry after man puts MAGA hat on slain singer’s statue

June 11, 2020 | 11:48pm

Selena fans became enraged after a photograph of a man putting a MAGA hat on the statue of the beloved singer in Texas went viral over the past week.

The Corpus Christi Crónica, a newspaper in Nueces County, posted the photo of Joe Michael Perez posed next to the “Mirador de la Flor” sculpture of Selena last Thursday.

Perez, the owner of a President Trump memorabilia shop, can be seen in the picture wearing a Trump shirt and placing a MAGA hat atop the statue’s head.

The monument was erected in 1997 on Corpus Christi Bay, two years after the 23-year-old singer was murdered at the hands of her assistant in 1995.

“Hispanic Republican? Yep, and they’re speaking up,” reads the caption of Corpus Cristí Crónicas post.

“Joe Michael Perez places a Donald Trump ‘Keep America Great’ hat on the Selena Quintanilla statute in downtown Corpus Christi in way to express the symbolic Latino support for President Donald Trump.”

It adds: “As for the immigration critics, Joe Michael Perez says ‘do it the right way.’”

The post has generated thousands of irate comments and “angry face” emoji reactions from displeased fans of the late singer on Facebook, who accused Perez of using the statue as a political prop.

“Selena would have never supported Trump, his administration, or anything that comes out of his idiotic mouth,” wrote Anela Woolsey-Jackson.

“I think he is a disrespectful idiot,” Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father, told the Houston Chronicle in response to the picture of Perez. “Selena was never involved with politics.”

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