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#Saturday Night Live Has Owen Wilson Make A Troubling Cars 4 In A Hit Or Miss Season 47 Premiere

#Saturday Night Live Has Owen Wilson Make A Troubling Cars 4 In A Hit Or Miss Season 47 Premiere

Cars 4 – Since Pixar Animation doesn’t seem to be working on “Cars 4,” the writers of “SNL” decided to get them started. Owen Wilson has been brought in to start recording dialogue for the sequel, but apparently no one has seen a full script, so there are a lot of lines that are out-of-context. The trajectory of the sequel gets a little worrisome when it sounds like Lightning McQueen is constantly hitting on young cars and trying to hook up all of them, even if they’re Mater’s sister. 

This is one of those delightfully inappropriate sketches that takes something innocent and family friendly and gives it a naughty edge. Wilson stumbled a bit with his line delivery, but thankfully, it didn’t bring this sketch down much. The gag got even better when Larry the Cable Guy was brought in to record a scene with Mater, showing off one of James Austin Johnson’s other impressive impersonations.

Funeral Song – Strange funeral services are a stand-by at “SNL.” Though they’re not as common as game show or talk show premises, they typically make their way into each season at least once. This one was bolstered by the always reliable Kenan Thompson as a goofy showman paying tribute to an elderly woman who frequented his show at the Loose Nugget Casino. Aside from Thompson’s hammy rendition of R. Kelly songs raising some eyebrows, the escalating premise that reveals this sweet old woman may have knowingly hung out with some shady celebrities is what pushed this one into great territory. 

Mail-In Testing Service  – Hitting that oddball 10-to-1 spot towards the end of the episode, this sketch about mail-in stool testing let featured players Andrew Dismukes and newcomer Sarah Sherman. The premise itself is ludicrous, but it’s the change in tone of their voice as they try to reassure potential customers that they’re not going to do anything questionable with the samples that cracked me up the most. Plus, Owen Wilson’s entry as the commercial’s director trying to steer them away from being too forthcoming about their unnecessary reassurance added an everyman layer that was perfectly peppered throughout the sketch.

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