#Rudy Giuliani slams campaign to boot NYPD from schools

#Rudy Giuliani slams campaign to boot NYPD from schools

June 10, 2020 | 12:40pm

Rudy Giuliani — who put cops in New York City’s public schools as mayor — slammed a growing campaign to boot the NYPD from its role overseeing school safety following the knee-on-the-neck police custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“I don’t believe it’s a good idea to take the NYPD out of the schools That would be a terrible mistake,” Giuliani told The Post.

“The schools have gotten much safer. But there are still dangerous schools,” he said, adding “It’s wrong to teach children to hate cops.”

Giuliani, after years of resistance from the Board of Education, won the right in 1998 to give the NYPD the authority to hire, train and supervise unarmed school safety agents to help curb violence and cover-ups of incidents – an agreement has been intact for a generation.

He said having the NYPD supervise the 5,000 unarmed safety agents in the schools “creates a seamless relationship” and makes it easier to dispatch cops during an emergency such as a shooting.

“It’s worked well. A lot of teachers as well as children didn’t feel safe,” the former mayor said.

“If I were mayor running the school system, I would have a police officer in every school.”

But hundreds of educrats in the city Department of Education’s last week signed a letter sent to Chancellor Richard Carranza urging schools to sever ties with the NYPD.

The police brutality death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has ignited a push to lessen policing in schools.

The letter urges the city to take away the NYPD’s oversight on unarmed school safety agents — who guard students and staff — and retrain them as “School Peace Officers” to focus on “de-escalation, mediation, and restorative practices.”

Eva Moskowitz, who heads Success Academy, the city’s largest charter school network that shares space in buildings with traditional public schools, also said it’s time to transfer authority over the 5,000 safety agents to the DOE.

“While the police will inevitably be required in some instances where the safety of students or school personnel is threatened, we should start with the presumption that our students are children in need of help, not criminals in need of policing,” Moskowitz said in a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza.

She noted that the mayor’s School Diversity Advisory Group last year advised him to transfer school safety agents back to the Department of Education.

“In light of recent events, that recommendation was particularly prescient. I urge you to reconsider your rejection of that recommendation,” Moskowitz said.

But like Giuliani, the school safety agents union’s president opposed the push to remove the NYPD of its duties over school security as uninformed and dangerous.

“I was around in 1998. At the time students were bringing in box cutters and knives to schools. The schools were out of control,” said Gregory Floyd, head of Teamsters Local 237.

“The schools were covering up serious crimes such as assaults and rapes. No principal wants his or her school identified as crime-ridden,” he added.

Floyd said the NYPD has professionalized the position of school safety agent and has imposed strict vetting system for hiring.

“When the school system did the hiring, there were school safety agents who were sexual predators and gang members,” he said.


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