# RPG Maker Unite details character animations, asset graphical specifications

RPG Maker Unite details character animations, asset graphical specifications “

Gotcha Gotcha Games has released new information and screenshots for RPG Maker Unite introducing the role-playing game creation tool’s character animations and asset graphical specifications, as well as another new default character.

Get the details below.

■ Greatly Enhanced Character Animation! Now with Variable Patterns and Frames

—Animation patterns will become variable!

RPG Maker Unite

In previous RPG Maker titles at its default state, character animations were limited to a maximum of three patterns due to various design limitations. In RPG Maker Unite, this limitation no longer exists, and users can now freely create and specify the number of frames and how it is animated, as long as the animation files stay within the maximum image size!

Unlock your imagination with RPG Maker Unite as it is time to make your game characters more vivid and lively than ever!

—Example of field character animation asset standard.

RPG Maker Unite

—Example of side-view battle animation Asset standards.

RPG Maker Unite

—Animation examples for default character assets. Six to eight frames.

RPG Maker Unite

Make Side-View battles more heated than ever, by adding more frames and / or more awesome animations!

■ Map Asset Standards—Now Mostly Available in Dev Log #3

RPG Maker Unite‘s default resolution is set at full HD (1920×1080), as was announced previously. Naturally, this means graphical assets—visual components that make up a game—would need to follow a new standard to be compatible.

In response to the passionate demands from RPG Maker users that are eager to convert or create custom assets, we are releasing what we currently can to the community! Please find them in our Dev Log #3 on Steam Community!

■ Convert Map Tilesets and Character Assets into RPG Maker Unite Standards through Official Tool PiXel ScaLer

Having received permission from the author Nononotyaya-san, we also are pleased to introduce PiXel ScaLer, a simple but powerful tool that will become an official external converter app!

PiXel ScaLer can enlarge and convert pixel arts into higher resolution illustrations! With this tool, users can now resize custom assets and modify a little (if needed) to adapt it into RPG Maker Unite‘s graphic standards! A great tool especially for those wishing to keep the more traditional feeling of JRPGs!

Please stay tuned as we make further announcements regarding PiXel ScaLer‘s official release!

—PiXel ScaLer’s user interface—very simple yet powerful! Available in English and Simplified Chinese too!

RPG Maker Unite

■ Introducing Another Default Character

As with always, it is time for another one of the default characters from RPG Maker Unite!

So we met Glorianos and Kayore last time – now is time to introduce Emeelia! Emeelia is a Cleric, serving as the Vice Chief Rescuer on the battlefield healing wounded soldiers!

RPG Maker Unite

—Animation when using items.

RPG Maker Unite

■ Third Dev Log and Fan Q&A

As with our previous News announcement for RPG Maker Unite, we have also posted Dev Log #3 and Q&A in our Steam Community Page. For those interested in understanding more about the Outline Editor, please be sure to check it out too!

RPG Maker Unite is due out for PC via Steam and Unity Asset Store in 2022 worldwide.

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