#Rotten Tomatoes’ First Card Game Will Test Your Movie Knowledge – Review Geek

“Rotten Tomatoes’ First Card Game Will Test Your Movie Knowledge – Review Geek”

The Rotten Tomatoes card game packaging on a table surrounded by popcorn.
Rotten Tomatoes, Cryptozoic Entertainment

The first-ever Rotten Tomatoes card game is now available for pre-order. Designed in collaboration with Cryptozoic Entertainment, the multiplayer game test your knowledge of movies. Or more specifically, it asks you to guess the Tomatometer score given to a movie based on critical reviews.

It’s an interesting spin on the typical movie trivia game. Essentially, each player starts with three “movie” cards, which are arranged in order of their Tomatometer scores. During your turn, the player to your right draws a “movie” card and reads the film’s name along with some supplemental information. Then, you guess where the movie’s Tomatometer score fits among your current selection of cards.

If you manage to correctly guess where a new “movie” card fits in your current “Movie Collection,” you get to keep it. But winning a round can make things harder—you now have four, five, or six cards in your collection, yet you still need to guess where new cards will fit.

And to shake things up, players will occasionally draw a “wild card.” In this event, all players are encouraged to guess a movie’s title, release year, actors, audience score, or Tomatometer score.

Pre-orders for Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game are available at the Cryptozoic Entertainment website for $25. Orders will ship sometime in early 2023—Rotten Tomatoes and Cryptozoic Entertainment don’t have an exact date just yet.

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