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#”Redo of Healer”: AniMoon cancels German simulcast

#”Redo of Healer”: AniMoon cancels German simulcast

The planned German simulcast of the anime series “Redo of Healer” has now been officially canceled! At the same time, more information about the disc release is now known …

Only a delay, now the complete cancellation: The anime “Redo of Healer” will not be shown in a simulcast in this country. The responsible publisher AniMoon has now confirmed this via social media. The series was “too violent” for the simulcast partner, according to the wording of the announcement.

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This refers to the controversy that has overshadowed the anime since it was announced in November 2019. The reason for this is the extreme depiction of violence and rape scenes, which are part of the Revenge Fantasy story.

In view of the failed simulcast, AniMoon has now announced further details on the series’ disc release. Volume 1 should therefore in autumn 2021 when uncensored Limited Uncut Edition on DVD and Blu-ray appear. This contains the first four episodes of the anime with German and Japanese synchronization. The publication is a Collecting slipcase as well as other previously unknown extras. The first volume is already in the AniMoon shop can be pre-ordered.

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The anime series is created in the TNK studio (including “High School DxD”) under the direction of Takuya Asaoka. Junji Goto is responsible for the character design. The anime is based on the light novel series by Rui Tsukiyo, which has been published since 2016. An implementation as a manga has also been published since October 2017.


>> Here you can pre-order Vol. 1 at AniMoon


Advance cover:

This is what “Redo of Healer” is about:

Keyaru is a hero who, unfortunately, only knows healing magic. Since a healing magician cannot fight alone, his comrades have only treated him brutally. After waking up in the past when he discovered his true potential, he vows revenge and sets himself the goal of giving the other heroes their just punishment. In doing so, exactly the same cruel, bloody methods are right for him, to which he once fell victim.

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(Description: aniSearch)

Those: AniMoon Publishing

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