#PS5 Sees A Performance Boost Post Update

#PS5 Sees A Performance Boost Post Update
As most of you must be aware, PS5 receive a major system update a few days ago and it seems like it was a good one. This new update includes the ability to increase internal storage, play 3D audio from the integrated speakers on any monitor, and a number of other enhancements to the interface. Generally, such heavy updates seem to take a negative toll on the performance of the console. But it has affected PS5 rather positively as some performance boosts have been reported.

2-3% Faster

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In a positive new development, PS5 has received a performance boost as reported by some fans. Certain games including Control and Devil May Cry 5 can now run about 2- 3% faster than the old firmware. This has increased the framerate of the fore-mentioned games by about 1 to 2 FPS. Obviously, as a result, these games now run even smoother than before and provide a better gaming experience.

No negative performance effects have been reported as of now, which leads us to believe that it increased the overall performance. So yeah, this update seems to be one of the good ones as opposed to the latest PS4 update, which made it slower. After all, updates are done to make things better, not worse.

Apart from this, the Digital Foundry team reported that the old PS5 was running updated firmware. Whereas the newer hardware was running older firmware. So, it was derived that the software update led to this performance boost. The new software made the functionality smoother by being more compatible.

Other Features of the Update

The performance boost was an unintended buff, but one which fans will enjoy a lot. Anyways the major features of this latest update are as follows:

  • 2 SSD support added so you will be able to expand your internal storage space. Also, you’ll be able to download, move, and play both PS5 and PS4 games.
  • Added the ability to transform the speakers built into your televisions into 3D speakers.
  • It includes a larger Game Base, more Control Center personalization choices, and an up-to-date Library menu that separates the PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game.
  • Added features such as resolution preference in PS Now and a new type of multiplayer medal called Leader.
  • A new trophy tracker and automatic video capture have been added as well
  • PS4 owners will be able to see PS5 trophies on their console, both their own and those of friends and other players.

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