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Proof Twitter doesn’t really care about tweets promoting violence

June 2, 2020 | 7:15pm

Last week, Twitter made a big deal about enforcing its rules on “glorifying violence” to slap President Trump. How about if it got at least as responsible when people are using it to publicly call for and even plan violence?

Over the weekend, multiple tweets called for looting the Santana Row shopping district in San Jose, Calif., yet Twitter did nothing in response.

“Let’s riot and raid Santana Row,” said one user, in a screenshot saved by Breitbart News. “Loot and protest santana row. EAT THE RICH,” came one reply. “Next looting stop: SANTANA ROW IN SAN JOSE” ran another.

Breitbart said it alerted Twitter to the pernicious tweets. But none of it got flagged for pushing violence, or was made hard to read. Nah: Twitter saves that for Trump tweets on … mail-in voting.

A company spokeswoman merely wrote that Twitter is “taking proactive action on any coordinated attempts to disrupt the public conversation around this issue.”

Does that mean calls to loot are protected, since they’re “public conversation” that pretends to be about protesting? What if someone called for raiding Twitter’s headquarters?

In fact, Twitter can’t even manage to protect real public conversation: It recently got exposed as censoring tweets in line with the rules of authoritarian China, supposedly because of a bad algorithm.

CEO Jack Dorsey might as well stop pretending his minions enforce any principles except the biases of Silicon Valley.


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