#Pokemon Go: Strength and Weakness Chart

#Pokemon Go: Strength and Weakness Chart

Pokémon Go, like several other Pokémon variants, has a wide variety of Pokémon, each with its very own set of advantages and vulnerabilities.  We’ll go over how Pokémon varieties operate, and a chart to help you figure out what’s good against what in this Pokémon Go article!

Raiding and fighting require an understanding of Pokémon’s pros and cons. If you want to do the most devastation, try to ensure your Pokémon’s movesets are effective against the opponent.

Bug Grass, Dark, Psychic Fire, Flying, Rock
Dark Ghost, Psychic Bug, Fairy, Fighting
Dragon Dragon Dargon, Fairy Ice
Electric Flying, Water Ground
Fairy Fighting, Dark, Dragon Poison, Steel
Fighting Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel Fairy, Flying, Psychic
Fire Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel Ground, Rock, Water
Flying Bug, Fighting, Grass Electric, Ice, Rock
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark, Ghost
Grass Ground, Rock, Water Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Grass, Ice, Water
Ice Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
Normal Fighting
Poison Fairy, Grass Ground, Psychic
Psychic Fighting, Poison Bug, Dark, Ghost
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Fighting, Fire, Ground
Water Fire, Ground, Rock Electric, Grass

Important Notes

  • Vulnerabilities and resistance aren’t always diametrically opposed to one another. Although fire-type movements deal less harm to water-type Pokémon and water-type moves deal twice as much devastation to fire-type Pokémon, this isn’t true for all types.
  • Fighting-type skills, for instance, are effective VS normal-types, but normal-types simply deal normal harm to fighting-types instead of reducing it.

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