#Pokemon Go April Field Research Tasks and Rewards Guide

#Pokemon Go April Field Research Tasks and Rewards Guide

There’s a likelihood you’ll get more than just the standard bonuses like Pokeballs, Stardust, and other items if you complete Field Research Missions. Every task has the potential to reward you with a Pokémon interaction. All Field Research Tasks and Rewards for April 2021 can be found in the data below!

NOTE: An asterisk means the pokemon can be shiny!


Catch 5 PokémonMale Nidoran*
Female Nidoran*
Catch 10 PokémonMagikarp*
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather BoostVulpix*
Use 5 berries to help catch PokemonLoudred
Catch a Dragon-type PokémonDratini*
Catch 5 Grass-type PokémonChikorita*
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Make 5 great Curveball throws in a rowSpinda (Pattern #3)*
Make 5 nice throwsVoltorb*
Make 3 great throwsGastly*
Make 3 big throws in a rowMeet Onix*
Make 3 great throws in a rowEncounter Gible*


Win a raidFerroseed*
Win 5 raidsAerodactyl*
Win a level 3 or higher raidOmanyte*
Defeat a Team GO Rocket GruntStunky
Battle in the GO Battle League Oddish*

Evolution and Other Missions

Evolve a PokémonEevee*
Light a Pokémon 5 timesBulbasaur*
Win 5 hearts with your boyfriendCubone*
Send 3 gifts to friendsBunnelby*
Trade a PokémonWurmple*
Take a snapshot of a grass-type PokémonBulbasaur*
Use incenseOnix*
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