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#Pixar Presents Cartoon Fish Boy Summer – /Film

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#Pixar Presents Cartoon Fish Boy Summer – /Film

Luca Honest Trailer

Pixar’s new movie Luca (now streaming on Disney+) is a deceptively simple coming-of-age adventure in the Italian Riviera, but that’s partially what makes this delightful movie about blossoming summer friendships so magnificent. Even the Luca Honest Trailer doesn’t have too much to nitpick about, even though they do point out that the fish friends played by Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer essentially commit murder and genocide throughout the film.

Luca Honest Trailer

First of all, the Luca Honest Trailer takes the time to point out Pixar’s success in giving us a character with a disability who doesn’t have a sad backstory that explains it. Furthermore, they have an Italian entrepreneur who isn’t linked to the mafia, and a total douchebag of a bully who doesn’t require an explanation as to why he’s such a pompous jerk. Sounds like that old dog is learning some new tricks.
However, we can’t help but be distracted by the fact that the fish boys Luca and Alberto don’t seem to have a problem feeding fish to the mustachioed cat Machiavelli. Even more disturbing is that they don’t have a problem helping Giulia’s father Massimo catch a literal boatload of fish. Then again, we were never told why Luca was shepherding fish to begin with, so maybe the fish people have no problems eating their underwater brethren.

But if you can forgive the fish friends for killing some of their own, then you can enjoy hopping on a Vespa across the stars with Luca and Alberto.

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