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#’Perfect Harmony’ Cast Reacts to Cancellation After One Season

#’Perfect Harmony’ Cast Reacts to Cancellation After One Season

Perfect Harmony will not be returning for a second season, and the cast is lamenting the news on social media.

“My heart really hurts. We had an incredible female show runner, an incredibly talented and diverse cast, and an incredibly talented and diverse writers room,” Anna Camp, who played Ginny, wrote on Instagram after the news broke Wednesday.

Rizwan Manji, who played Reverend Jax, and Spencer Allport, who played Cash, echoed Camp’s message. Manji noted on Instagram that, in addition to the female showrunner (Lesley Wake Webster), it had “one of the most diverse casts ever, one of the most diverse writers rooms ever, female and diverse directors, [and] cast/crew that gets along and respects one another.”

Agreed, such a wonderful cast, female showrunner, diverse. So sad to see it go.

— Spencer Allport (@spencerallport) June 10, 2020

“I’ve never loved every cast member more and never gotten along so well with everyone on a production. We wanted to show that you can bring people of different backgrounds together through the joy of music and we did,” Camp added in her farewell alongside photos from the show.

Tymberlee Hill, who played Adams, wrote on Twitter that the show wouldn’t be returning on June 4. After thanking the fans, she said, ” I had the time of my life with You.”

It’s A wild time right now. So, I wish I had better news. But I just wanted to say, Thank You So Much to the fans of @PerfectHarmony For Your Love. The show will Not be coming back for a Second Season. But I had the time of my life with You, my #PerfectHarmony Family. Xo❤️

— Ms.TymberleeChanel (@TymberleeHill) June 4, 2020

“I was so grateful to be included on @PerfectHarmony and sad to see it canceled,” Allport wrote on Twitter, praising everyone who worked on the show.

Wonder if the show I was in got canceled? ??? All joking aside, I was so grateful to be included on @PerfectHarmony and sad to see it canceled. I wish my cast and crew the best of luck.

— Spencer Allport (@spencerallport) June 10, 2020

This was my first big project so I can’t speak to other shows, but this show had the hardest working bunch of actors, writers, crew, everyone, everyone was A

— Spencer Allport (@spencerallport) June 10, 2020

Thank you to everyone who watched @PerfectHarmony. I’m disappointed the show can’t go on. I’m grateful to all my castmates, directors, EPs, crew, HMU, craft services, catering, transportation, security…hope I didn’t forget anyone? Good luck to all! ?

— Spencer Allport (@spencerallport) June 5, 2020

The NBC comedy followed a former Princeton music professor (Bradley Whitford) who stumbled upon a small-town church choir. It also starred Will Greenberg and Geno Segers.


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