#Paige Spiranac teases her doomed dating history with athletes

Paige Spiranac teases her doomed dating history with athletes

Paige Spiranac is kissing and telling.

During this week’s episode of her “Playing A Round with Paige Renee” podcast, the 27-year-old golfer dished on her love life, revealing she’s been linked to an array of athletes across the wide world of sports.

“At some point or another, yes,” Spiranac said when asked if she’s dated all types of athletes. “Well, maybe not all athletes, but the main sports.”

Playing off the “Burn Book” in “Mean Girls,” Spiranac then joked about the stereotypes of the athletes she’s dated, including those in basketball, hockey, football, and golf.

“Too busy playing ‘Call of Duty’ to text you back, and has lied about being shorter than they really are for some weird reason,” Spiranac quipped of basketball. “He has an Instagram aesthetic that doesn’t involve you.”

Spiranac, who boasts 2.5 million Instagram followers, later moved on to baseball.






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“I think out of all of the sports, I have probably dated the most baseball players, especially in college. So, I have a lot here,” Spiranac said.

She began, “He wears either a gold chain or a rope necklace,” then quipped, “He lost his virginity at a Kenny Chesney concert.”

Moving on to golf, Spiranac joked, “His hairline is the only thing less reliable than his commitment to your relationship,” and “He prefers to perform in silence.”

Spiranac also included football and hockey players, whom she called her favorites.

“His weaknesses include complimenting you and cocktail waitresses,” she said.

When asked about her biggest heartbreak, Spiranac spilled it was a football player from her college days. Spiranac played golf at Arizona her freshman year before transferring to San Diego State for the final three years of her college experience.

“But I don’t know if that actually counts because he was a kicker,” Spiranac joked, noting he was a senior and she was a freshman at the time. “I just thought he was the cutest, most amazing person ever and I fell in love with him, and it was so bad to the point where he would text me at 3 a.m. just so I could give him a ride home, and so I was like his Uber driver, and I would do it.”

Spiranac said the suitor in question also never took her on a date.

“He had no interest in me whatsoever,” Spiranac said, noting they only hung out a handful of times.

Spiranac later shared she’s never had a one-night stand.

“I had the intention of doing one, one time, and I met him off of Tinder,” Spiranac explained, adding her friends encouraged her to get back out there after a breakup.

“We did, and I saw him every single day for the next couple months after that,” Spiranac said.

Spiranac has long been candid about her personal life, detailing on her podcast in April how men would use her.

“The one thing I always had was that I was a good golfer, and guys love golf. So. I would always open a conversation with, ‘Hey, I play golf,’ and anything along those lines and I thought it would work,” she said at the time. “Unfortunately, they were only using me for golf lessons and golf equipment.”


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