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#Outlander season 6: Six story ideas for Sophie Skelton as Brianna

Outlander season 6: Six story ideas for Sophie Skelton as Brianna

Outlander - BriannaWhat could be coming for Sophie Skelton as Brianna on Outlander season 6? Why not go ahead and spend a little bit more time talking about that now?

All week long, we are sharing story suggestions as a part of an ongoing series. These are meant to be fun, thorough discussions that give you a sense as to what each character could be facing moving forward. Rest assured, there are no spoilers within … from the books or otherwise.

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1. How is she doing following the death of Bonnet? – Has his death brought her an element of peace? Just because he is gone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the character is now just vacant within her mind forever.

2. Can we explore more of her friendships? – We’d honestly love to see a lot more of her and Lizzie together, as they had some of the best content from the end of season 5. Beyond just that, it would also be rather nice to see her and Marsali spending more time together. Since Bree isn’t planning to leave, it makes more sense to see her building up these bonds further.

3. What is her future with Roger? – Will the two try for another baby? How is their relationship following all that they’ve gone through? They seem settled on making this their home for now, but will it last?

4. Can we see more of her engineering skills? – We’ve already seen her be able to put these to great use around Fraser’s Ridge, and that is going to help her further establish a key role within this community. Her knowledge of mathematics and science make her a pretty unique person within this community.

5. What will her role be in preparing for the Revolution? – Ultimately, we’d be curious to learn how she is able to brace for what is coming — and it’s likely more than just being able to list off various facts from the history books.

6. How can she help Claire? – She knows what it’s like working through trauma and will be there for her in her own time, and under her own schedule. Brianna is well aware of how these are issues that are not quickly or easily resolved.

There are so many more directions that the show’s writers can take — with that, just go ahead and consider this to be a viable jumping-off point.

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What do you want to see for Sophie Skelton as Brianna?

Be sure to share right now in the comments! Meanwhile, stick around for some other news on the series. (Photo: Starz.)


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