Orthodox Jews march in Brooklyn to honor George Floyd

#Orthodox Jews march in Brooklyn to honor George Floyd

June 7, 2020 | 4:26pm

Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community registered its outrage over the racially charged police-custody death of George Floyd Sunday, marching in Midwood shouting “no justice, no peace” and holding “Black Lives Matter” signs.

More than 200 demonstrators, nearly all of them Orthodox Jews, marched peacefully down Ocean Parkway, blending calls for justice with the teachings of the Torah.

“Being here today is not a choice,” said former state Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “We have an obligation to speak up when there’s injustice, in particular when that injustice results in the life of a person being taken.”

“You have to send a message,” he said. “Every single community should be doing what we did here today here in our community.”

One young marcher held a sign quoting the Torah: “You shall not stand aside while your fellow’s blood is shed.”

“Love your fellow as yourself,” another boy’s sign said.


Members of the Jewish community held a Solidarity march in Brooklyn on Ocean Parkway

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Sunday marked the 13th day of massive protests throughout the world, including in the Big Apple, over Floyd’s May 25 death while being pinned down by Minneapolis police.

“No one is exempt,” the Rev. Kevin McCall, a representative for the Floyd family in New York, said during the Brooklyn march. “We have a problem here in New York City. We’re not against the police department. We’re just against bad policing.”

“All of us are affected by this,” McCall said. “It’s not about color. It’s about one human family.”

Speaking on behalf of Floyd’s brother, Terrence, he said “he is grateful that right here in Brooklyn where he lives the Jewish community understands what happened to his brother.”

The march came as Mayor Bill de Blasio lifted the curfew Sunday that he had put in place last week after several nights of looting and confrontations between police and demonstrators.

“Anyone who’s ever lost family members knows what (Floyd’s) family is going through,” said Jewish Press writer Baruch Little, a black man who converted to Judaism. “I also stand by all those who have been hurt in the crazy, chaotic, unjust, opportunistic crisis we’re going through right now. People are out there looting.

“Anarchy. Make no mistake, this is also part of the problem.”


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