NYPD captains union head blasts ‘elected officials’ in email to members

#NYPD captains union head blasts ‘elected officials’ in email to members

June 6, 2020 | 10:19pm

The NYPD’s powerful captains union blasted unnamed “elected officials” in a vitriolic letter to members Saturday, complaining that due to a lack of leadership, police are damned if they crack down on law-breaking George Floyd-death protesters, and damned if they don’t.

The no-win scenario was described by Captains’ Endowment Association President Chris Monahan, who took the helm of the union in December.

“They do not have your back and will use you as a political pawn!” the emailed letter says in bold type of the offending unnamed pols.

“My assessment is ‘Hands off the protester/looter you will be assaulted by them. Hands on the protester/looter you will be assaulted by our elected officials.’ BE CAREFUL!” it warns.

Asked for a clarification, Monahan told The Post, “We just have to see who votes ‘Yes’ for the series of anti-police legislation and who votes no Monday in Albany.”

The email began by offering sympathy to captains buffeted by the crosswinds of policing a pandemic and ten days of protests.

“We are encountering troubling times, between COVID-19, the day after day protest and looting happening in our city, the long hours and cancellation of our RDO’s,” the email begins.

“I commend each one of our members.”

It ends with a promise and a prayer: “Rest assured if the wheel of misfortune falls on any of you, the CEA will be there to defend and protect you.

“Religious or not, at this time Saint Michael must pray for us because our leaders have abandoned us.”

St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers and military personnel.

The NYPD and Mayor Bill de Blasio have often found themselves in conflict since protests over the police-custody death of Floyd in Minneapolis roiled racial tensions nationwide.

On Saturday, as the city’s protests entered a second weekend, thousands of people marched throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, many demanding that that the NYPD be defunded.

Cutting the $6 billion NYPD budget and channeling that money back into the community has also been urged by city Comptroller Scott Stringer.


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