#NYC protester attacks suspected looter: ‘You are not a black ally’

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NYC protester attacks suspected looter: ‘You are not a black ally’

June 3, 2020 | 9:30am | Updated June 3, 2020 | 10:00am

A George Floyd protester threw a suspected looter to the ground in Manhattan during a wild, caught-on-camera attack as he screamed, “You are not a black ally!”

The protester, dressed all in black, was already shouting when he marched toward a group of people rampaging inside a downtown Zara, according to video posted to Twitter late Tuesday.

“You f—er!” he yelled as he grabbed one of the smaller suspected looters, using a judo throw to slam him on the ground.

“You are not a black ally! You are not an ally!” he screamed as he pinned down the suspected looter who was dressed in a white hoodie and red pants.

Others rushed in to stop it escalating, taking several seconds to pull them apart — while others stood by casually looking at items seemingly just stolen from the fashion chain.

“YES! This is what we need,” wrote @sarahsmiles1252, one of many to praise the attacker. “Those that are for the #GeorgeFloyd cause need to take back their voice. Tell these people they are drowning out your voice with their lawless behavior!”

Another, New Yorker Jose Ramirez, said, “You can see the frustration. Well done by the protester.”

Other videos later showed police arriving and making arrests at the store at Broadway and Vesey Street near the World Trade Center.

Looters struck parts of Manhattan for a third night in a row Tuesday, though the damage appeared to be less than previous nights.


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