#NY progressives’ ugly smear of fellow Dems as ‘racists’ is all too typical

#NY progressives’ ugly smear of fellow Dems as ‘racists’ is all too typical

Progressive New York lawmakers resorted to their old stand-by to push through a massive new fund for illegal immigrants as part of the coming state budget: slamming disagreement as “racist.”

“I don’t want to hear” from legislators who cite constituent opposition against the fund, railed Sen. Jabari Brisport (D-B’klyn). “I will not work with legislators that enable racists.”

Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) actually went so far as to threaten to block the bills of two moderate Democratic lawmakers for “falling prey to the racist hogwash.”

“If this fund were for US-born property owners or white business owners, these members would vote for it,” huffed Sen. Julia Salazar (D-B’klyn).

Hello? “US-born” individuals are US citizens, unlike illegal immigrants, who have no legal right to be in the country, work here or collect “unemployment” payments up to $15,600. There’s nothing “racist” about making that distinction.

You can in fact feel compassion for those in need while still working to uphold immigration laws. And even moderate Dems can oppose an exorbitant new spending program, especially as New York struggles to restart the economy post-COVID and considering, as one lawmaker notes, that “existing programs” already “provide a safety net.”

Such are the progressives who now dominate the Legislature: sanctimoniously self-righteous and bigoted against all who dissent.

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