#No More Freebies, NBC’s Peacock Now Starts at $5 – Review Geek

“No More Freebies, NBC’s Peacock Now Starts at $5 – Review Geek”

Peacock’s free streaming option disappears.

Peacock logo on a Smart TV.

While NBC’s streaming service Peacock has a lot to offer for paying subscribers, those who don’t need the latest movies and shows could still stream limited content with a free account. However, the freebies are gone, and now all new Peacock accounts will cost at least $5 per month.

Until now, users could sign up for a “free tier” with the Peacock app and get access to a limited number of episodes of hit shows like The Office or Yellowstone, and eventually, you’d need to pay to keep watching. The free accounts weren’t the best, but they offered enough content for those trying to save a buck and ditch cable.

Peacock’s free tier has been an option since the service first arrived in 2020, but that’s a thing of the past. According to The Streamable, and after checking the official Peacock site, free accounts are no longer an option.

Peacock app signup options.

Now, the only choice is to pay $4.99 per month for Peacock Premium, which gives you all its content, live sports, and more, but with ads. Or, pay $9.99 monthly for Premium Plus to enjoy live local NBC channels, no ads, and offline playback.

If you want to watch anything from Peacock, it’ll be at least $4.99 per month for new users. Thankfully, according to the report, those with an existing free account will still have access to the Peacock app, and nothing will change. That said, there’s no longer a freebie option for new accounts.

Additionally, it doesn’t look like existing Premium/Plus members can downgrade to the free tier, which was an option in the past. While this isn’t a huge deal, it is one less completely free option for those who’ve cut the cord. Plus, it wouldn’t surprise me if Peacock eventually killed the free accounts entirely, but for now, they’re still up and running.

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