# Nippon Ichi Software launches new title teaser website featuring warm visual

Nippon Ichi Software launches new title teaser website featuring warm visual

(The Wicked King and the Noble Prince.)

Nippon Ichi Software New Title Teaser Website

Nippon Ichi Software has launched a teaser website for a new title.

The website currently features a video of a forest with a warm atmosphere, where plants and trees sway, and soft rays of sunlight shine through the trees. The website will change little by little each day leading up to the official announcement.

Earlier today, Japanese retailer Biccamera posted a listing for the Switch version of the unannounced title (which has since been deleted, but archived), confirming it to be called Warui Ousama to Rippa-na Yuusha, or The Wicked King and the Noble Hero. (Thanks, @naetoru60.)

Here is the description of the game from Biccamera:

A Heartwarming Story Born from Interspecies Communication

“I’m going to become a noble hero just like papa!”

The human girl Yuu is the daughter of the late hero. Raised by the king dragon, she is told about her father’s adventures every night… Inspired by the story of the hero who defeated the overlord, she sets off on an adventure to become a noble hero.

But Yuu is still unaware… that the overlord that her father once battled was the king dragon himself.

Warm, Picture Book-Like Graphics

Many of the elements that appear on-screen, from the characters in the story to backgrounds, have been hand-drawn by the designers. Enjoy detailed graphics such as the depths of the forest and feeling of soft light throughout the entire story. Many unique characters will also appear. You will surely meet someone you like.

Like Stepping into a Picture Book

The setting of this adventure is a somewhat mysterious world inhabited by monsters. Go on an an adventure where the plants and trees sway, and small animals bustle about. With a story told through read-aloud narration, pleasant music, and a fairytale-like setting, you will feel as if you have really stepped into a picture book.

If the usual pattern is followed, the game should be officially announced on February 25.

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